Call for parliament members to discuss IMF Loan

Dina Amr
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Head of the Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat called on all parties represented in the House of Representatives to discuss current negotiations between the Egyptian government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), regarding the $12bn financing programme that would span the next three years.

Al- Sadat said that the meeting would create a space for various views to be exchanged in order to reach a unified position about the financial and monetary reform plan, which will eventually pass to parliament. Once it reaches parliament, MPs will vote on the plan’s approval.

The party leader also expressed his hope of meeting with the IMF delegation members, in order to discuss the terms and conditions they intend to acquire for approving the financing programme.

The meeting is part of what Al-Sadat said is a necessity to involve all segments of society in the dialogue concerning the economic programme.

While some have claimed to oppose the expected aid programme with the IMF, the government has continued its negotiations with the fund. A delegation is currently visiting Egypt to discuss the conditions needed in order for the loan to be approved.

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