‘Wonders of Nature’: a wearable garden of gems

Nayera Yasser
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When asked, many designers would name nature as their main source of inspiration.
For many years, diamonds have been used to simulate the charming twinkle of stars. On the other hand, there have been artisans that have spent days and nights trying to create a motif as intricate as butterfly wings.

For SS16, Amina Ghaly, head of design at Azza Fahmy Jewellery, decided to depend on Mother Nature as her main source of inspiration. “Wonders of Nature” is a 12-piece collection that aims to create wearable replicas of the universe’s most fascinating elements.

“The ‘Wonders of Nature’ follows the successful celestial-inspired ‘Third Eye on the Universe’ collection and we continue to build on the concept of life and creation. However, our new collection is grounded in nature with contemporary designs that explore flora and fauna and fashionably bring to life the precious and timeless phenomena of nature,” said Ghaly

From bumble bees to butterflies, flowers and even Hoopoe birds, the collection brilliantly captures the beauty and essence of nature through hand-carved statement pieces. The collection’s main star is a spectacular collar with detailed flowers, branches and an intricate 3D bird. Several rings were designed to decorate your fingers with a wonderful piece of wilderness. Through the use of intricate detailing and movement manipulation, it is almost possible to forget the lines between what is real and what is jewellery.

The collection also maintains Ghaly’s appreciation of the Ottoman and Victorian eras. For this collection, the designer chose to create a mini-story on the elegance and gracefulness of Victorian trinkets, pocket watches, and matching keys. Both the timepieces and the keys showcase an unmatched level of glamour with diamonds, floral motifs, and pearls.

The time factor is an essential part of the SS16 collection as it does not only include great investments that would remain relevant even after decades, it also brings back the charm of watches. Meanwhile, “Wonders of Nature” also gives a nod to one of the brand’s key characteristics: Arabic motifs. Part of the collection carries a strong oriental as well as vintage vibe that is present in the design of few Ottoman lockets and statement rings.

All pieces are skilfully made by well-trained artisans who mix 18ct yellow gold, sterling silver, and precious stones, including rubies, amethyst and diamonds.

This collection is the label’s first attempt to incorporate rose gold in the fine-sculpted details.

The collection was launched at an exclusive event at Loft 21 in Cairo. From the spectacular floral props to the moving butterflies and limited guest list of life-long Azza Fahmy fans as well as fashion experts, the intimate launch was picture perfect, to say the least.


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