Koum Hamada workers end strike after ‘partially successful’ negotiations

Adham Youssef
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Workers of the National company "Delta for Sugar" protest in front of the journalists syndicate . (Photo by: Hassan Ibrahim)




Workers at the Koum Hamada textile factory ended Tuesday their six day strike after the company’s management agreed to submit to their demands.

Negotiations have been ongoing between the workers and the management for three days, under supervision of MPs from Beheira.

The main demands of the workers were to drop police reports and suspensions against the 18 workers accused of inciting fellow colleagues to strike and the sacking of the company’s CEO Youssry Nasr.

Four MPs participated in moderating the negotiations between the workers and the company.


MP Mohamed Omara said the negotiations were taking place to reconcile issues between the two sides.


Other demands presented by the workers included a late 7% bonus to those who are holders of degrees and the right to 10 days off annually. The management also agreed to count the strike days as a holiday and to sack some of the high board members.


Although the workers demanded the sacking of the CEO, it is not clear which members of the board will be dismissed.


The company was contacted and a representative confirmed that the workers ended their strike but didn’t provide further information about the members who are expected to be sacked.


The workers told Daily News Egypt that they decided to call off the strike after the demands where fulfilled partially, adding that the “strike card can be played again if the demands are not given”.


The incident started when the company’s CEO Youssry Nasr was accused of filing a report against a fellow worker, Mohamed Fawzy, leading to his imprisonment last Wednesday. Fawzy presented a document to management with several demands from his colleagues. After he finished his shift, he was arrested by the company’s security and the police.


Around 8,000 workers have staged an open-ended strike since last Wednesday demanding the removal of Nasr as a result of the incident.


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