357 violations against children in April: EFACC report

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Child labour is prohibited before surpassing the age of basic education completion, and in any business that is life endangering. (DNE File Photo)

The Egyptian Foundation for Advancement of Childhood Conditions (EFACC) released a report on Monday that recorded 357 violations against Egyptian children in 199 cases reported by media outlets throughout April.

The violations recorded included kidnappings, sexual abuse, child marriages, and drowning among many other violations.

In the recorded violations, female victims accounted for 27%, males for 48%, and the remaining 24% did not have their gender mentioned.

“Different media outlets reported around 13 illegal immigration cases among children, but what is hidden may be more,” the report read. The report said the most prominent places for illegal immigration are Beni Suef, Fayoum, and Sohag governorates.

The 15 to16 age demographic recorded the highest number of violations which included shootings, sexual abuse and murder. According to the report, governorates in the countryside recorded a higher number of violations than urban areas.

“Through research, we always find that certain demographics of society are more vulnerable and live a harsher life. This is why areas in the countryside record a higher number of violations,” the report read.

Private newspapers tend to give more attention to children’s cases than state-owned newspapers, which indicates that violations against children are not a priority for the Egyptian government, according to the foundation.

The foundation releases a report that records the status of children in Egypt each month, based on media reports from both state-owned and private newspapers.

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