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In Video: Journalists’ “uprising” vs. regime supporters

  Video by Asmaa Gamal Editing by Omar Korashi


Video by Asmaa Gamal

Editing by Omar Korashi

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  • EGYPTian

    Egypt, Saudi Arabia announce new Red Sea Terrorism bridge, As SaudiArabia&United sikh emirates understand only the Language&Weapon of Terrrorism.

    TerriristCountries SaudiArabia&United sikh emirates are medling and interfering with internal politics of the countries like EGYPT&Lebnon etc by bribing theBillions of Dollar to theseCountries, EGYPT’s SecularGovt of BrotherHood was thrown out by Uae&Saudi dollars, As EGYPTIAN are very Clever&Conning, they will get the money from Terorist countries UAe&Saudi,but never bendInfront of TeroristCountries UAe&Saudi.
    SaudiArabia&United sikh emirates, Shaikh(Sikh), knows three things only eat, drink&outsource their daughters marriages to African countries like EGYPT, Somali, Balochi, Bengalis.

    TerriristCountries Saudi,Uae invadedSyria&Yemen, From Syria 7 Millions killed, 10 millions Migrated to Europe&Asia, from Yemen 1 millions people killed, 3 millions migrated to Europe& Asia.
    TerroristCountries Saudi,Uae want theControl over the GulfStates including the IRAN. Actuall Uae&Oman are part ofIran.
    International CriminalCourt, InternationalMilitaryTribunal observed Saudi&Uae’s shaikhs foundGuilty of WarCrimes in Syria&Yemen.

  • EGYPTian

    Proudy TerroristCountries Saudi,Uae&Oman are involve in the

    Globalterrorrism in the Field of FlightsBombing, CrudeOil Spill in
    Maxico & Nageria, Mining, sea Route, PowerSector, Nuclear,Onland

    ExpatriateAre living in Uae&Oman for decades but
    still has not got theNationality, UnitedNation has currently appealing
    the Uae,Saudi&Oman to grant the Nationalities to
    Malbaries,Sikh,Communist Chinese,Communist Russians, Bengali,
    Somalis,Ethopian,Sardarjis,Rajisthani,Gujrati’s,Marvadi’s &
    Punjabis, AllExpatriate want the rightsTo marry the
    LocalSaudi,Uae&Omani girls, so that Expatriate can stop these
    Terrorists countries from the activities of Terrrrorism.
    The real BIG problem in GCC is their HARAMI Nationals who doesn’t want to work, GCC national are surviving on the Mercy of Expatriates who are running the
    GCC countries, Even GCC nationals are hiring the Expatriates to
    FUCKtheir Mother&Sisters.

    Terrorist Countries Uae&Oman has no identity of their own, DNA(Haplogroup E) test of the GCC national clearly shows that these countries national are rooted from other
    countries from cross marriages of Uae&Oman localFemales &
    Africans, Israeli, Phora,Somali, Balochi, Bangali, malbaries,Egyptian,
    Ethopions, Sudanese etc.

    GCC’s Trend&culture is Terrorising the Whole ManKind, due to this Whole world is closing the doors for Teerorist GCC’s National, As USA&Europe is already as GCC Nationals not to enter their countries.

    Terrorist countries Saudi, Uae&Oman are running on the Mercy of Communist China,Russia, Europe&USA, Because Communist China,Russia, Europe&USA are
    buying Crude Oil from these countries to survival from Starvation,
    countries Saudi, Uae&Oman are not only Terrorist but also are
    haramiCountries, According to ISLAM its HARAM to sell the Crude oil to

    Whole World is closing the door for GCC Terroristcountries, USA&Europe are clearly told to arabs not to enter their countries due to their GlobalTerrorism, Even Diplomats
    from these GCC Terroristcountries are fearing for their lifes across the
    world who are staying abroad.
    Saudi, Uae&Oman’s Top 10 companies are barrowing money from the banks, National Commercial Bank – Saudi ,National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) – Uae, Bank Muscat,Ahli Bank – Oman lending money on interest rate HARAMI to survive their country. This also make these countries areHARAMI.

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