Prisoner dies in detention after stroke

Adham Youssef
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Assiut’s criminal court passed death sentences on to five people found guilty of murdering a priest from Abu Sefein church in the village of Shatb last year. (AFP\Photo)

A prisoner named Hassan Al-Gamal, 56, died in detention Monday night after having a stroke, reportedly connected to kidney disease, in Mansoura prison in Daqahleya, according to the Ministry of Interior.

On Tuesday, hundreds attended Al-Gamal’s funeral in Mansoura, passing through several streets until reaching the cemetery.

Al-Gamal had been in prison for two years and was transferred from the Dukrons police station to Mansoura prison. The Ministry of Interior said Al-Gamal was detained pending investigations into a terrorism related case.

His wife said his family had made several demands for his release due to his deteriorating health, but each time they were refused.

Khaled Said, a member of the ultraconservative group the Salafi Front, said Al-Gamal was a prominent “jihadist” in Mansoura, and was a famous cleric in many mosques in the area, until he was banned from preaching and giving sermons.

Said added that Al-Gamal had been imprisoned under every regime since the presidency of Anwar El-Sadat.

Al-Gamal was known to have been a prominent supporter of the Salafist cause, which gained significant attention after the 25 January Revolution, amid an opening of political space.

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