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Al-Qadi, Chinese ZTE Egypt CEO to activate communications and information technology sector partnership - Daily News Egypt

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Al-Qadi, Chinese ZTE Egypt CEO to activate communications and information technology sector partnership

The minister asked the company to participate in national projects such as the new administrative capital

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Yasser Al-Qadi, met with Woo Lee, the CEO of Chinese ZTE Egypt, and Tamer Fayed, the deputy CEO of ZTE Egypt, to follow up on the company’s implementation of business plans and activities.

The minister also discussed a new set of projects aimed at building a long-term strategic partnership between the company and the Egyptian government, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

A number of projects were presented during the meeting to be implemented this year, including the New Administrative Capital. The minister also sought the company’s participation in building a strong telecommunications and electronics industry to make Egypt a window for exporting the company’s products. The company said it will establish a research and training laboratory for networks 4G/LTE technology in the New Smart Village in Maadi.

Al-Qadi said that there is a number of international telecommunications and outsourcing companies with headquarters in the Maadi technology zone.

The ZTE Egypt CEO promised his company will speed up projects in the coming period. ZTE operates in the field of network infrastructure including fixed, wireless and mobile networks, as well as the provision of various communication equipment.

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