Senior Interior Ministry officials warn policemen from lack of self discipline 

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The Ministry of Interior held a meeting on Thursday between senior officials, policemen and lieutenants in response to recently increasing assaults committed by low-ranking policemen against citizens.

The meeting aimed to highlight the importance of policemen’s self-discipline while on duty; in order to avoid “negative consequences,” the ministry revealed in an an official statement.

Cairo’s security chief Khaled Abdel Aal stated during the meeting that the recent security achievements made by the ministry should not be distorted by individual errors; referring to casualties from the security forces’ side in light of political turbulence.

Other Cairo Security Directorate personnel also expressed their concern towards the purported violations, as they affirmed the importance of law enforcement and respecting human rights.

Last week, truck driver Mohamed Ismail was shot dead following an argument with the accused police officer.

Meanwhile, the minister’s deputy for prisons department Hassan Al-Sohagy denounced the violations from the policemen side against prisoners. “The current stage imposes security challenges that require respect to citizens’ dignity,” he said.

Over the past year, several policemen have been detained for violence against prisoners and some have been sentenced to prison terms.


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