Ministry revokes Borhamy’s preaching permit

Toqa Ezzidin
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Yasser Borhamy (Photo Public domain)

The Alexandrian office of the Ministry of Religious Endowments, announced Saturday the suspension of the preaching permit of Yasser El-Borhamy, deputy of the Salafi Call in Alexandria, thereby prohibiting him from preaching.

Borhamy’s preaching permit ended on Saturday, and the ministry refused to renew it.

Deputy Minister of Religious Endowments in Alexandria Abdel Nasser Nassim said in a statement that the decision came in response to an assault on another Alexandrian Imam on Friday. A Salafi group physically assaulted the Imam and prevented him from giving the Friday sermon.

Nassim contended that intimidation from the Salafis, as well as inciting chaos in mosques, makes them no different from “Islamic State” (IS).

Nassim added that the banning of Salafi religious activities will be followed by further restrictions and precautions, as they represent a major danger to Muslims.

According to the privately-owned Al-Watan newspaper, Borhamy condemned IS as not belonging to any Islamic current, describing the radical group as the outcome of violations against human rights. However, the party refused to comment on the ban.

In a statement to the privately-owned Al-Youm Al-Sabea, former leader of the Al-Nour Party, Mahmoud Abass, said Borhamy’s role in the party will be significantly minimised  soon, after his continuous rejection to the elections and their results.

Abbas added that no precautions were taken against Borhamy before the elections, to avoid potential conflict.

On the other hand, Salafi preacher Moahmmed Al-Abasiry said Borhamy’s students are now fighting with IS in Syria, he added that Borhamy cannot deny this fact.

Al-Abasiry said Borhamy’s affiliations and calls do not serve the country.

Minister of Religious Endowments Mohammed Mokhtar Gomaa approved Borhamy’s preaching permit several months ago. However, Borhamy was required to submit to the ministry’s rules and regulations.

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