Policemen to stand trial for torturing citizen

Daily News Egypt
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By Adham Youssef

By Toqa Ezzidin

Two police officers will stand trial on Sunday at Tanta criminal court on charges of torturing a citizen by electrocution, media reported.

The Forensic Medicine Authority has confirmed the presence of electrocution torture marks on the body of Ismail Abdel-Hamid, the victim.

The general prosecution was made aware of the charges that included the testimony of another citizen, who was arrested along with Abdel-Hamid.

Furthermore, Amr Abou Shanab, another citizen who died on Thursday inside his cell, was also reportedly tortured to death by policemen.

According to Abou Shanab’s lawyer, he was arrested on charges of robbery, which turned out to be false, as investigators found no evidence in the victim’s apartment.

The citizen was allegedly tortured by policemen and died inside his cell.

Earlier this month, another police officer was arrested after randomly shooting in the air, injuring two citizens.

Following this incident, an anonymous security source said any police personnel caught breaking the law will be arrested as no one is “above the law”.

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