EGP 100 allocated for individuals affected in Faisal building collapse

Menan Khater
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Egyptians gather to inspect the site where a building collapsed in Alexandria in 2012. (AFP FILE PHOTO/STR)

Minister of Local Development Ahmed Zaki Badr allocated EGP 100 on Sunday for every individual affected in the collapse of a building in Giza.

A four-floor residential building collapsed in the Faisal neighbourhood of Giza on Saturday, no casualties were reported as the residents were able to flee the building shortly before it collapsed when they noticed the fracture in its walls.

Initial police investigations stated that heavy construction works on a nearby land caused the collapse, reported state run Al-Ahram newspaper. Three other buildings were also severely fractured by the pounding of construction and the residents were temporarily evacuated on orders from the governor’s office.

The heavy pounding of construction works and demolitions in early August have also led to the collapse of a building in the Imbaba district and caused fractures in other nearby buildings.

Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali allocated aid products to all the stranded families in Faisal including daily stipends, blankets, and shelters. Around 100 families were left stranded.

Faisal is one of the many areas in Egypt that have poorly constructed  buildings facing imminent collapse due to poor maintenance and deterioration.

During a cabinet meeting in August, Minister of Urban Development Leila Iskandar announced that 356 slum areas in Egypt underwent evaluation and were classified as rundown areas. Those areas, she said, are experiencing problems relating to construction, have no drainage systems, and have very high populations.

Over the past week, two other buildings collapsed in Alexandria. On Saturday, a building collapsed in Al-Montaza area,  causing four fatalities and eight injuries. Another deserted building collapsed n the Cleopatra area.  A decision to demolish it was issued earlier, but was not implemented.


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