Metropolitan Consulting forms strategic partnership with Al-Bluwi Saudi group

Hossam Mounir
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Metropolitan Consulting Company and Abdulwahab Al-Bluwi’s Saudi group announced a strategic partnership in the fields of financial and credit consultancy and developing small and medium-sized projects.

Khaled Nagaty, Chairman & CEO at Metropolitan Consulting and Vice President of the MENA Region at World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME), explained that by virtue of this agreement, Metropolitan will offer its various consulting services in the Saudi market through Abdulwahab Al-Bluwi’s group. These services include credit consultancy, establishing companies, scheduling and settlement of bad debts and providing training to small and medium enterprises.

Nagaty added that this partnership marks the beginning of Metropolitan Consultancy’s presence in the Gulf area, as Saudi Arabia is the gateway to the Gulf.

“The partnership between the two parties also works on developing small and medium enterprises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This will be in cooperation with the National Institute of Entrepreneurship (Riyadah) on the one hand and Metropolitan and WASME on the other,” he said.

Abdulwahab Al-Bluwi, CEO of Al-Bluwi Saudi group and member in the business projects and development committee at Riyadah, explained that his company decided to enter into this partnership with Metropolitan because the Saudi market is in need of the services they provide. He added that they arrived at this decision after due examination of the Egyptian companies specialised in this field.

Al-Bluwi said that the major Saudi companies require the services offered by Metropolitan in order to find various solutions for financing and offering financial and credit consultancy.

Al-Bluwi expected a high demand on the settlement of bad debts service in Saudi Arabia, due to the defaults the companies in the Kingdom face, whether on the level of governmental tenders or the private projects.

He added that this cooperation will be a prelude for a constant cooperation between the Saudi government and the WASME, with the aim of developing the small and medium-sized enterprises sector in the Kingdom.

Al-Bluwi stated that his company aims at benefiting from the Egyptian experiences represented in Metropolitan Consulting, in the field of training and qualifying the youth in the small and medium-sized enterprises. The goal is to increase the vacancies, develop the infrastructure of the projects, and restructure the governmental departments, which reduces the waste of public funds.

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