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Al-Sisi greeted in Germany by storm of criticism

Merkel shaking Al-Sisi’s hand is shaking "the hand that tortures", says German media, while demonstrations break out

Protests against President Al-Sisi in Berlin (Photo Public domain)
Protests against President Al-Sisi in Berlin
(Photo Public domain)

By Tim Nanns and Aya Nader

With a group of celebrities and public figures, the burden of Egypt’s recovering economy, and fingers pointing to human rights violations, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s visit to Germany was accompanied by a variety of demonstrations, some in his favour, some against him.

On the streets, the police was neither on high alert nor expecting any violent clashes during Al-Sisi’s visit.

Though most demonstrations were scheduled for Wednesday, Tuesday evening already saw demonstrators opposing Al-Sisi gathered in front of the upscale Adlon Hotel, Al-Sisi’s home for the duration of his visit to Berlin, according to media reports.

A man wearing a Muslim Brotherhood supporting t-shirt attacked one Egyptian actor, while some of the group’s members in Turkey were purportedly mobilising for getting Egyptians, Turks and Syrians to go to Germany and hold demonstrations against Al-Sisi, state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram reported.

Wednesday’s demonstrations were almost entirely scheduled to take place in Berlin’s small governmental district, a place tightly packed with government and parliamentary institutions.

A broad variety of organisations were mobilising against Al-Sisi, ranging from Journalists Without Borders, and secular German-Egyptian human rights activists, to Muslim Brotherhood sympathisers. Yet none of the demonstrations were scheduled to have more than a few dozen participants.

Human rights organisation Tahrir Berlin claimed in a statement that Germany was “fully complicit in the crimes the Egyptian regime is committing” while Reporters Without Borders rallied for a demonstration in front of the Chancellor’s office to release all imprisoned journalists, accusing the Egyptian government in a statement of “arbitrary arrests and torture on a daily basis”.

Further, pro-Sisi demonstrations were planned to take place in and around the governmental district, with the organisers, among which was the Coptic Church, claiming to bring up to 4,000 people in total. Yet the German police told Daily News Egypt that these numbers were “likely to be exaggerated” and they were expecting peaceful protests.

“The international community and media must start paying as much attention to Egypt’s lurch towards dictatorship as they did during the Revolution in January 2011,” asserted Amr Darrag, minister of planning and international cooperation in former president Mohamed Morsi’s government.

German media has been firing at Al-Sisi, especially since Bundestag President Norbert Lammert cancelled his meeting with him over Egypt’s human rights situation.

International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) president, Karim Lahidji, wrote an op-ed for German newspaper Die Zeit telling Chancellor Angela Merkel that shaking Al-Sisi’s hand means shaking “the hand that tortures and punishes”.

While Egyptians criticised Germany for referring to the 30 June uprising that toppled Morsi as a coup, regarding it as German support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Christine Buchholz, member of the executive committee of left-wing party Die Linke told Daily News Egypt that allegations of the Muslim Brotherhood influencing German politics are “grotesque”.

“That’s a flimsy attempt to justify [their] own repressions [against the opposition],” she stated.

Emad Shahin, renowned professor of political sciences, who was sentenced to death in absentia, along with Mohammed Morsi , bashed the regime as fascist in German right-wing newspaper Die Welt, saying: “Those whom he [Al-Sisi] can’t shoot directly, he sends to court and let’s them get sentenced to death”.

Journalist Raniah Salloum wrote for Spiegel Online: “Under Sisi Egypt is transforming into a mafia-like intelligence services-state with a haywire justice system that doesn’t refrain from sentencing hundreds of people to death in a matter of just a few minutes.”

The German federal government is ramping up cooperation with Egyptian intelligence services and the Egyptian police, despite the fact that they’re responsible for grave human rights violations, said Buchholz.

“The [German] federal government from time to time criticises human rights violations in Egypt, but yet strengthens exactly the ones committing them,” Buchholz stated.

“We salute the very few Western leaders who raised their voices against Sisi’s regime,” said Darrag.


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  • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

    The Brotherhood is
    democratic ??!! It is a hierarchical , para-military organization based on
    ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to the Supreme Guide, and whose loyalty is to the
    International Organization, not to Egypt. Mursi was turning Egypt into a
    THEOCRACY , excluding the opposition from political process , and pulling Egypt
    back into the Middle Ages . Women were marginalized, churches were torched, the
    fine arts were pronounced to be taboo, marriage age was to be lowered to 9
    years, art, physical education and French were to be banned from schools !! The
    state was to mould people’s private life .

    After Mursi , the
    Brotherhood is engaged in DAILY violence blowing up power stations, planting
    booby traps, and killing security personnel , not to mention its links with the
    terrorists in Sinai.

    It is Brotherhood ideology that has spawned
    terrorist organizations in the Middle East and elsewhere. The Brotherhood is
    NOT loyal to Egypt , but to the International Organization , with its foreign

    • Florenzo

      Boy you drank the El Sissi koolaid Egypt is experiencing MubarakII If this is what you want, have at it!

      • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

        How would you expect the Egyptian government / or ANY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD to respond to attacks on its security personnel , planting of booby traps INDISCRIMINATELY , and blowing up of power stations ??!! IVITE THEM TO COFFEE AND CAKES ??!! No political system whether authoritarian OR DEMOCRATIC could withstand SUCH DAILY VIOLENCE !!

        • Florenzo

          All of what you stated was brought about by the dictatorial power of Sissi. The MBH existed for years within Egypt without any of this happening. Didn’t they use to have food lines for the poor? Did they not build hospitals? Where they not part of the fabric of Egypt? Sissi labeled them ‘terrorist’ as he seen them as a threat to his power. Unfortunately the Judiciary bought into this too.

          • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

            Yes, they tried to buy the votes of the poor by distributing food rations.
            Mursi’s one-year-performance was ABYSMAL. ALL ECONOMIC INDICATORS deteriorated during his rule , excessive force by the police was used against demonstrators , torture was practiced in detention centers, , women were marginalized, churches were torched, not to mention the Brotherhood’s domination of state institutions and its replacing media people by its puppets .During Mursi’s rule convicted terrorists were released from prison thus causing an international outcry .
            On 30 June, 2013 massive protests , from Aswan to Cairo, were staged by the people demanding that Mursi step down.
            It was , therefore, the POPULAR WILL , not what you call ” Sisi’s dictatorship” that brought about Mursi’s ouster from power. HE HAD LOST LEGITIMACY.

          • Florenzo

            Lets get one thing straight if we could. The food rationing or food lines were long in effect long before the elections or before they MBH ever thought they would be allowed to run for office. Truth & you are right Mursi’s one year performance was abysmal & all economic indicators did deteriorate during his brief rule. Know why? Know what caused it? Old regime still was in control and would not release needed economic pressure for things to change. They wanted to maintain control and knew for sure Mursi would fail without change. The word terrorist gets thrown around loosely because it is a given people react to its use. If you are willing to admit Mubarak and his sons were terrorist and in a round about way released from restraints, then yes..terrorist were released. Otherwise, men and women placed in prison then like now were there because of the corrupt judiciary….only under Sissi do we now use the word terrorist associated to any and all he deems to feel a threat to his regime. Truth that people were whipped up in a frenzy over Mursi’s failure to get things done because he was thwarted at every avenue in wanting to bring about change by the very same people the revolution wanted replaced.

          • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

            ration= 1. ………………….2.portion
            The Mubarak men were not responsible for the Brotherhood’s appalling failure at governance; The Brotherhood excluded everybody and was trying to play it ‘solo’ .

          • Florenzo

            Ahmed you are right that the MBH tried to pay it solo and that they did not know how to govern when given this chance. I will give you that. Please see the following which brings us to the present regime.



          • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

            Florenzo, I have looked at both links. They mention PART OF THE TRUTH , NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH. They say nothing about the Brotherhood’s appalling rule and abuse of power. Like you, I staunchly support democracy; but how could those who consider themselves to be on a DIVINE MISSION and , therefore, consider all those who oppose them to be ‘infidels’ , how could they be considered democratic ??!! They are a clear embodiment of religious fascism.

          • Florenzo

            Ok, we have a dialog going. I agreed with you that the MBH did not know how to govern.
            That the MBH, like you correctly stated tried to go it alone and force changes upon the Egyptian populace. We both would like to see democracy and FAIRNESS above all established. Now with all the aforementioned said lets focus upon the current dictatorial and what I believe has been far worse than the MBH in governing Egypt. That is the hand we have been dealt with. I do not see a way out for the Egyptian people regarding the current regime. There is ZERO tolerance for anything that questions, stand up to or challenges the dictatorial governance of this present regime. a person, a group olr anything that does get in its way is banished snatched from the street and incarcerated and most likely tortured. Your thoughts about the current government and I use the term loosely.

          • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

            The daily violence of the Botherhood and its affiliated groups in Sinai has got to stop. The present situation in Egypt cannot be seen out of context.

          • Inazua

            We know the MB failed but it’s rule is over and is past news. Now, there is a new barbaric regime with a new dictator. Popular opinion wanted a democratic state to emerge, not this failed and brutally regime. CivIL liberty and democracy were supposed to follow the end of Morsi but they did not.

          • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

            When a regime (any regime) is faced with DAILY VIOLENCE , and the state’s TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY IS THREATENED by terrorist groups ON TWO SIDES : north east (Sinai) and west (Libya) ,this regime seeks to maximize its power .Henry Kissinger: There is an inversely proportionate relationship between legitimacy and the magnitude and scope of power.

          • Inazua

            There needs to be a new strategy and a new approach. Freedom and political pluralism will help bbring security.

          • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

            Well, it is a DILEMMA that the Brotherhood and its affiliated terrorist groups have created. After the attacks on the twin towers in New York, what happened to civil liberties in the United States itself ? The Patriot Act was passed. And how does the USA treat terrorists OUTSIDE THE USA ? Does due process of law take place? Have you heard of Guantanamo and Abou-Ghraib prisons and secret prisons in the Middle East where the US detained terrorists INDEFINITELY , WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW ? I AM ALL FOR DEMOCRACY .BUT IT IS NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK. And history’s verdict will be that it was the BROTHERHOOD , NOT SISI, that derailed Egypt’s transition to democracy.

          • Inazua

            The reaction of the American government is not a model for other countries to follow. Measures were taken which produced harm without producing enhanced security. There also needs to be political competition to see who is best able to handle security, terrorism, economic problem, and other factors.
            Guantanamo and Abou-Gharib damaged the American government’s reputation without making the U.S. any safer. Other countries which copy those mistakes will also experience similar problems.
            Creating a repressive autocracy is a common, but flawed, response to difficulties and obstacles.

          • Inazua

            American would not tolerate either the Republicans or the Democrats shutting down each other or rigging elections, whatever the proffered pretext. It is possible to replace one seriously problematic political force with another terrible one. In some cases, both evils are unnecessary and bad.

          • Ahmed A.El-Sherif

            It is not only in America that laws were passed curtailing civil liberties , but , also, in other pluralistic countries. I staunchly believe in democracy ; but it is a very entangled situation especially in Egypt’s case because it is severely handicapped by having a political culture which is partially occupied by religious fascist groups that believe they have a sacred mission to implement God’s word on earth ; and any opposition to them is considered sacrilege .The Brotherhood is the ORIGIN of this ideology in the Middle east.
            Egypt’s dilemma today can be compared to a pregnant mother (Egypt) whose pregnancy developed serious complications , so that the surgeon now has a huge task on his hands , and might have to sacrifice the baby (democracy) in order to save the mother. Of course I would hope that with some dexterity, patience, and perseverance, he would save both the mother and the baby .But , surely, he is not responsible for the mother’s complications .And his task is even made more difficult by the religious fascist groups that continue in their violence; they don’t have loyalty to the mother in the first place , but are seeking to implement a supranational utopian dream : the establishment of a caliphate, that could only pit them against the whole of the international political system.

    • Boss

      Thank you Ahmed!! Whose are the right Words!
      And you Florenzo, What the Fuck do you know about EGYPT??
      Do you know that you support terrorist Pigs when you support the MB!!??
      MB = IS

  • lisa maas

    Nice there were so many demonstrators. I hope Sisi saw it and thousands of prisoners will be released including the journalists. Reporters without borders asked attention for Shawkan and Fakharany and all others. Journalism is not a crime. Shame on Egypt for jailing reporters.

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