Suspended student to sue Misr International University

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Wafiq Nabil (Photo handout to DNE)
Wafiq Nabil (Photo handout to DNE)

Junior Mass Communications student Wafiq Nabil is to sue Misr International University for suspending him on charges of insulting the University.

On Nabil’s day off, during the Student Union elections in November, a board was put up for students to write suggestions of the things they want to change in the university system.

Nabil was later referred to investigation. When he informed he was not present the day of the board incident, he was told that if he appeared on the security cameras he will get expelled.

With no charges against him, the investigators started talking about the protests he took part in two years ago.

MIU had witnessed protests in 2013 against “road safety negligence”, demanding a pedestrians’ bridge outside the University gate to prevent accidents. The calls came after a student, Antoun Sameh, was hit and killed by a car outside the University in late December 2012. Sameh was not the first to be hit by a car outside the University.

Nabil, along with two students accused of being involved in the same incident, was suspended for a week on the first day of the spring semester.

Nabil said his suspension does not make sense.

“If I had appeared on camera, I should have been totally expelled not just suspended. If not, then I am innocent. Getting suspended for a week, what does that indicate?” he said.

The investigation was not legal, Nabil asserted, adding that when his parents went to the university to inquire about the investigation, they were told that the investigation was “secret”.

Following the suspension week, Nabil was stopped at the gate by two police vehicles and university security personnel from entering. He was referred to a second investigation with graduating student Mostafa Tawfik on charges of insulting the university.

“Head of the Mass Communication department Amany Bassiouny is targeting us and is the one causing us problems,” Nabil said.

Three weeks of absence from classes will result in Nabil repeating the semester and Tawfik repeating the whole year.

Nabil contacted the Association for Freedom of Though and Expression (AFTE) and another lawyer to sue the university. He will also attempt to file a report to prevent further trouble until he graduates.

“I told them during the investigations that I will sue,” said Nabil.

The university “is retaliating against the students for protesting two years ago”, the 6 April Movement said in a Thursday statement issued in support of the suspended students.

Misr Al-Qaweya (Strong Egypt) political party also issued a supporting statement Saturday condemning the university’s decision to prohibit the two students from taking their examinations for surpassing the amount of absences allowed.

Al-Dostour Party expressed its objection to the “cheap methods” used by the university administration to take revenge against the students who held them responsible for the deterioration of conditions inside universities. The party issued its supporting statement on Friday.

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