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Egyptian Embassy in US criticises top newspaper over Al-Sisi coverage

Flack given over Washington Post’s letter criticising current Egyptian government’s stance

The Egyptian Embassy in the United States criticised a Washington Post editorial article calling it biased and insensitive with misguided views on President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The letter submitted by the Embassy to the Washington Post on Tuesday accused the Wahington Post of toeing the Muslim Brotherhood line. It added that the article promoted the “polished English of Muslim Brotherhood propagandists, while muting attention to that organisation’s Arabic messages, which drive extreme Islamist rhetoric and call for bloodshed, martyrdom and terror.” The newspaper was also accused of allegedly absolving the Muslim Brotherhood of their crimes.

“This latest editorial’s greatest service to Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, however, came when it equated peaceful protestor Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh with those terrorist bomb makers to use this innocent woman’s death to whitewash the Muslim Brotherhood’s violence is inexcusable,” the letter said.

The Washington Post article was originally entitled “A bleak anniversary in Egypt”, but was changed to “The US is complacent as Egypt repeats its history of repression”. It was published in the aftermath of the fourth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution. It also criticised Egyptian security forces’ killing of protestors, including Al-Sabbagh, a member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, who died after being hit by birdshot in the back.

The article compared the Washington Post’s coverage of attacks on Charlie Hebdo to attacks on security personnel in Sinai and Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria. The letter asked: “Isn’t it legitimate for Egyptians and other Third World peoples to ask if The Post puts the same value on the lives of all human beings?”

The Egyptian Embassy’s letter criticised the Washington Post for only mentioning the 29 January Al-Arish attack that killed over 30 security personnel. It added the newspaper had done so “by way of laying the blame for the terrorists’ acts squarely on the Egyptian government. By this skewed logic, who should we say bears the blame for the Oklahoma or Boston bombings?”

However, the Washington Post’s article mentioned that Al-Sisi’s view is shared by US President Barak Obama, “who has repeatedly stated a policy of subordinating human rights concerns in Egypt to the U.S. security relationship with the regime”.

The Egyptian embassy’s letter asked the Washington Post to have the courage to revise their positions “not as a favour to Egypt…but to provide a more honest service to your readers and save whatever is left of your credibility in the Arab world”.

The Washington Post stated that violence by militants who have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State has increased under Al-Sisi’s rule

The article also criticised Al-Sisi’s keeping journalists and young activists in prison, as well as ousted former President Mohamed Morsi and the parliament members under his reign, while toppled president Hosni Mubarak and his sons were released.

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  • Intellectualist

    OKC was a Christian INO supremacist group and Boston appears to be a Sufi INO supremacist group.( INO= in name only.) The Washington Post is likely influenced by the Sufi INO supremacist group who’s leader lives in Pa. Their connection to the MB was shown back in 2013. Round up the Gulenists and question them. Gulen opposes any efforts I make to grant any country peace through coexistence. He insists on declaring a religious supremacy over civil governance. His ideology leads to perpetual conflict and bloodshed in the name of his deity. His deity is clearly not a benevolent one.

  • Reda Sobky

    The credibility of the Washington Post in the Middle East or anywhere for that matter is in the same doghouse as the New York Times. Mouthpieces of the super elites in the money and power games who lead the US into a fake wmd based war, 5k dead 200,00 hurt and one trillion in treasure not to mention Iraqi dead. When they criticize you, know you are doing a good job because they mean you no well. They are against you and want you to shut up and cower and the brotherhood is just the battering ram by means of which they intend to fracture your society and divide your country. It is a bad omen when they approve of you because everybody they approve of has a bad ending, the Post-Times hex. When I read that editorial it appeared to have exactly the same goal of the hit piece in the New York Times and the same accusation for Obama as coddling repression. It is hard to imagine the level of intellectual dishonesty and distortion of this editorial when it tries to turn the brotherhood into victims of repression and include the murdered demonstrator as equated with the thugs and criminals who were deposed by the June 30 revolution. When the dogs of war bark nobody should give them attention as it feeds their hubris and validates them as an actual player when they are a paid mouthpiece with an agenda. There is no press any more there are only propaganda organs of groups with goals and agendas administered through private corporations and secret payments.

  • Illuminati

    What I found very entertaining about this letter, which the embassy has sent to its mailing list of Egyptian-Americans, including myself, is that the Egyptian government is “advising” an independent media institution on how to preserve their “credibility”.

  • Commander_Chico

    What about the regular editorial cartoons in the Egyptian official newspaper Al Ahram which show ISIS / Daash as a puppet of the USA, or in this week’s issue, dropping empty coffins on a drowning Africa?

    • Reda Sobky

      Now we can admit that the mogahedeen in Afghanistan were a US creation then they morphed into Q with ben ladin at the top. This is similar in the sense that however you try to train or control a rabid dog, it is not possible. So they create the rabid dog, let it loose and expect it to behave as they wish and the rest is history.

  • zakariael

    This news paper, never wrought a single article, even by mistake, in favour of Egypt in the last 60 years. Since when they start to love Muslim Brotherhood?

    Really sick people.

    • Reda Sobky

      This gives being sick a bad name…no they are corrupt and voracious and endowed with the hubris of masters of the universe, money and power are everything, ethics and truthfulness..zilch.

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