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Activist Ahmed Douma handed life sentence

Douma defended himself and asked for an investigation into killings during cabinet clashes

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced revolutionary activist Ahmed Douma to life imprisonment and fined him EGP 17m. (AFP Photo / Khaled Desouki)
The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced revolutionary activist Ahmed Douma to life imprisonment and fined him EGP 17m.
(AFP Photo / Khaled Desouki)

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Wednesday revolutionary activist Ahmed Douma and 229 other defendants to life imprisonment and fined them in total EGP 17m. Also, 39 minors received 10-year prison sentences.

Douma defended himself on Wednesday’s session of the cabinet clashes trial, after lawyer Khaled Ali and the rest of the defence team retreated from the case following quarrels  between them and Judge Nagy Shehata.

“If you will sentence me, I request an investigation into the killing of Sheikh Emad Effat, Ahmed Abdel Hady, and anyone else killed during the incident of the cabinet clashes,” Douma asked the court. Shehata’s reply asked Douma if he was their lawyer, according to Nada Saad Eldin, a lawyer observing the trial.

During his pleas, Douma purportedly said that he does not trust in the fairness of the trial, according to Saad Eldin.

“Watch it,” Shehata reportedly told Douma.

Defence lawyer said they would appeal the sentence.

The December 2011 cabinet clashes occurred after demonstrators organised a sit-in at the cabinet headquarters, protesting the appointment of Kamal El-Ganzoury as prime minister by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF). Military forces attempted to disperse the sit-in, resulting in deadly violence, which lasted for four days.

All defendants on the case are facing charges of attacking the cabinet building and security personnel, as well as burning the Scientific Institute in Cairo in 2011. Douma was allegedly one of the sit-ins’ organisers, although he said that he was not present in the area when the violence started.

On 27 January, a Cairo appeals court upheld a three-year jail term for Douma in another case, along with activists Ahmed Maher, and Mohamed Adel. They faced charges of violating the Protest Law and assaulting police officers at the Abdeen Court in downtown Cairo.

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  • Learned_Goyim

    Kangaroo court!
    How could anyone pretend any longer that the judiciary in Egypt is independent.
    Before any aplologists start making excuses for human rights violations, think for a moment on what a lifetime is in jail, let alone the inhumane conditions of Egyptian jails.
    Have the new Egyptian pharaohs lost any sense human decency and morality?
    “First they came for the Brotherhood supporters and we didn’t say anything, then they came for the 2011 revolutionaries and we said nothing, then they came for us…there was no one left to say anything for us”

    • Liberacion

      The vehemence with which the judiciary and the Interior Ministry are defended by so many suggests that those afflicted by state propaganda and conditioning attribute infallibility and impeccability to these two grotesque governmental organizations.

      The judiciary is inviting itself to become a target in the even of a new revolution.

      • Learned_Goyim

        couldn’t agree more.

      • Anis

        When a batch of chemicals is rejected for wrong proportions of individual chemicals then only complete destruction of the batch is inevitable. Else the result will be devastating. I find Egypt a mixture of wrong chemicals not suitable for the end product. This country needs to be churned completely from inside. Moral degradation is shocking. The language these posters are writing is low in taste. History does not always represent a people. Greatly civilised to highly uncivilised is mind boggling.

  • Anis

    Egypt is a country of jokers, the judiciary and the President are the real monkeys. They should be sent back to the jungles. It is fast becoming a banana republic if not it already is. What a shame – people with a civilised history has been turned into shambles by just a small bunch of idiots. How sad.

    • U

      Yeah and People like you and your stupid friends should be fucking killed!!

      • Anis

        Your language speaks volumes about you, your education, your parentage and the environment you live in. The kind of responses I am getting on my views, it appears Mubarak has not damaged just the economy of Egypt but also the education and civilisation of Egypt which Sisi is going to take a step further. Pathetic. I only hope first you get democracy in place by bringing Morsi back as President. He is your legitimate President and then get down to do some good work to change your country. If you do not Israel too will not be interested in taking Egypt. What a shame!

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