Policemen kill citizens in Giza, Menufiya

Mahmoud Mostafa
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The Ministry of Interior has dropped complaints filed to the General Prosecution against Al-Masry Al-Youm and Al-Youm Al-Sabaa newspapers over publishing cases.(DNE File Photo)

A policeman killed a suspect Sunday, who was held in custody in a hospital to receive medical treatment after the suspect allegedly provoked the policeman.

The Ministry of Interior (DNE File Photo)
The Ministry of Interior (DNE File Photo)

Another incident took place in Rod Al-Farag police station, a northern Cairo neighbourhood, as one of the detainees, Sayed Eid, died Saturday while in police custody.

Two persons were arrested Thursday while trying to plant bombs in the Al-Warraq neighbourhood in Giza. Police forces shot at them, and one of them was injured and transferred to Agouza hospital to receive medical treatment, while the prosecution proceeded with investigations, according to the Ministry of Interior’s statement.

On Saturday morning “the detained suspect threatened the policeman enlisted to guard him, provoked his feelings, insulted him, his family, police, the armed forces, the state and its leaders, and threatened him by saying his willing to kill him and mutilate his body like his colleagues, cheering for what happened in North Sinai… this caused the policeman to lose control over his feelings and shoot him, which resulted in his death,” the statement read.

The ministry announced that the policeman was taken into custody and prosecution was informed to start investigations.

However, state run Al-Ahram newspaper reported that prosecution investigations revealed that the policeman took a large amount of money as a bribe from members of a terrorist group in order to kill the suspect before revealing information about the group.

One the other hand, local residents and relatives of Sayed Eid demonstrated in front of the police station, claiming Eid was tortured to death, state media reported.

The Minister of Interior’s Assistant for media and relations Abdel Fattah Osman said that Eid died after he fell to a diabetic coma before being transferred to hospital, but he passed away before he could reach the hospital.

Osman also said that other detainees with Eid, who was accused in a drug dealing case, tried to make use of the situation and to create chaos in jail, but security forces handled the situation.

Also in Menufiya governorate, a police sergeant killed a citizen during a fight. The victim was involved in an altercation with the sergeant’s brother and when the sergeant arrived he shot the victim dead, Al-Ahram reported.

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