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Mouled Al-Nabwy celebrations

Hundreds celebrate the birth of the Prophet outside Al-Hussein Mosque in Donwtown Cairo

In the midst of the current political scene, people in Egypt celebrated the “Mouled Al-Nabawy” commemorating the birth of the Prophet Mohamed on 3 January.

Sufi circles, often not publically visible, took to the streets near Al-Hussein Mosque, where it is believed that the grandson of the Prophet is buried.

For decades, thousands of people have been travelling to the Al-Hussein Mosque for such occasions.

While celebrations differ among Muslims around the world, in Egypt, the birth date of the Prophet is a national holiday. Weeks before the event, stores begin selling halawet el-mouled, a form of traditional Middle Eastern sweets usually made from different kinds of nuts.

Another cultural symbol of the Mouled is aruset el-molued, which literally translates into the “Mouled Doll”, a doll made out of sugar.

 All pictures by Jihad Abaza

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