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Al-Sisi calls for ‘1 political coalition’ in meeting with political party leaders - Daily News Egypt

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Al-Sisi calls for ‘1 political coalition’ in meeting with political party leaders

President also discussed national economy, Protest Law, women and youth

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi stands among leader of political parties in Egypt, in the first official meeting since he was sworn in as president. The meeting extended over Monday and Tuesday ahead of the parliamentary elections of 2015.  (Photo Presidency Handout)
President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi stands among leader of political parties in Egypt, in the first official meeting since he was sworn in as president. The meeting extended over Monday and Tuesday ahead of the parliamentary elections of 2015.
(Photo Presidency Handout)

The leaders of 15 political parties sat with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Monday ahead of the parliamentary elections that are set to begin on 22 March. The president and the party leaders discussed their visions on the coming phase and the role of the parliament, according to presidential spokesperson Alaa Youssef.

This is the first time Al-Sisi has officially sat with party heads during his seven-month presidency term. For his part, Al-Sisi took a neutral stance regarding political alliances formed ahead of the elections. However, according to politicians’ statements following the meeting, Al-Sisi expressed his desire to see all political forces united into “one inclusive coalition” that he would then endorse.

Party leaders informed Al-Sisi of their suspicions about the candidacy of political tycoon and former prime minister Kamal Al-Ganzoury, according to Younis Makhioun, the president of Salafi-affiliated Al-Nour Party. Al-Sisi assured them he was not behind Al-Ganzoury’s candidacy.

The Al-Nour Party, which represents the only Islamist force currently on the political scene, has once more announced its full alignment with the president, calling against any party’s political exclusion.

Meanwhile, the Al-Wafd Party, headed by Al-Sayed Al-Badawi, said that the meeting with Al-Sisi, which exceeded five hours, is proof that political parties have a voice in Egypt and that the state will not be biased.

However, not all politicians feel positive about a common homogenous political sphere. Secretary General Tamer Goma’a, representing Al-Dostour Party, said there was a need for a democratic environment with political diversity and a respected opposition which should not be portrayed as “non-patriotic”.

“The media is also conveying a message, that you Mr President do not accept opposition,” Goma’a continued.

Outlining his vision on a parliament that achieves policies that align with the country’s internal and external purposes, Al-Sisi recalled the inclusion of women and youth and their representation in the parliament.

Al-Sisi holds the right to appoint 27 members of the total 567 MPs, which are expected to be divided between women and youth.

Al-Sisi further stressed the major national projects aimed at development and boosting the economy, and spoke of challenges that need to be addressed such as corruption.

The Protest Law was also tackled by some, mainly the Al-Dostour Party, whose young members have adopted revolutionary speeches and are persistently pursued by security authorities.

“Our youth lies in jail because of a Protest Law that should be quickly amended according to human rights organisations’ recommendations, because truth is young people, and people on the streets as well blame you for all the mistakes of the transitional period,” Goma’a said during the meeting.

Party leaders shared their concerns on laws related to organising rights and freedoms, social justice and political life.

Those who were acquitted should be released, Al-Sisi said, adding that there must be a balance between guarantees of freedoms and rights, and restoring security and stability. Al-Sisi also repeated his call for the reconsideration of those detained under the controversial Protest Law.

The political parties in Monday’s meeting represent the country’s major political currents, and included: the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (EDSP); Al-Ghad; the Reform and Development Party; the Conference Party; the Socialist Popular Alliance; Al-Taggammu; the National Movement Party; The Free Egyptians Party; Homat Al-Watan (Guards of the Homeland); Mostakbal Watan (Future of Nation); Misr Al-Haditha ;and the Sadat Democratic Party.

Earlier mistaken news reports suggested that the Al-Dostour Party was not going to take part in the meeting. At the same time, other co-members of the party in the parliamentary coalition of the Democratic Current Alliance such as Al-Karamah Party  claimed they were not invited.

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  • Intellectualist

    Thank you.Al Sisi-you need to speak out on the depiction of the prophet today by Charlie Hebdo.The Prophet you know would be in the front line of the march in Paris. He would be holding a sign such as the depiction and crying for the victims slaughtered in his name. Your Mufti must be supportive of the true message and not the hijacked one. A picture with the magazine can speak a thousand words. This is one of those times you must act as obstructionist to damaging threats to security and stability. Je suis Charlie.

    • mkvali

      you are delusional and as hypocrite as those leaders who stood at the front of the march !
      you have the nerve to call out sissi as defender of free speech
      your hate and bigotry fabricates your delusion

      • Intellectualist

        Ideological terrorists like you and Alwaki aren’t suitable for civilization anymore. We can find you now. “Hate and bigotry” won’t be possible to attribute to me. But nice try terrorist.

        • mkvali

          you call killing jailing and torturing your own civilians civilization hahaha, you can find me at my place of business , calling people terrorists to negate all rational arguments will not help you ! terrorist is badge of honor bestowed on those who seek status quo on those who seek civilian rule !

          • Intellectualist

            Your “civilian” rule is an army of bloodthirsty political islamists. Why did you bomb Paris? That wasn’t very rational. You will have actual civilian rule in Egypt. You won’t see it though. You’re done.

          • Intellectualist

            The military was the only morally acceptable vehicle. Would you have preferred disease like Europe in the 1400’s? Or a tsunami? Which is your method of choice? Or are you just an ignorant sheep who can’t contain his mental illness? Why don’t you focus on electing a parliament instead of trying to return to the stone age.

          • Intellectualist

            Private profile? Espionage is a crime.

  • Learned_Goyim

    Just in case anyone has any doubts! With thousands of protesters put in jail, a corrupt judiciary and the killing of thousands who opposed his Coup d’Etat, Sissy is still hopeful about a “democratic transition” under his rule. He is a delusional dictator who cannot tolerate dissent.
    And of course just like with any dictator, there will be no shortgage of boot-lickers coming to his defense while the crushing majority have been either silenced or put in jail, including journalists who dare to report the the inconvenient truth.

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