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Farmer dreams of having a big family despite poverty

Despite 3 wives and 20 children, he still wants a 4th wife


Selmi is a simple old man of 67-years-old, who lives in a humble house in New Valley in southern Egypt.

Even though he works as a farmer on his own small piece of land where he plants crops, he has got married to three women – but is now looking for his fourth wife.

Providing enough money to support his big family is not the first thing to come into his mind, as he’s just looking to have a big  family.

When he married for the first time, “God granted him sons and daughters”. However, he wanted to raise the number of his family members, so he got married for the second time. His first wife, however, decided to make a plan so that his third wife would be her cousin, to be able to make her own team in the house. She indeed succeeded in making his third wife her cousin.

However, she did not succeed in making her own team in the house, while Selmi himself pulled it off when he made all three wives live in the house without problems. He also made them treat each other lovingly and in fear of upsetting him, following the concept of “a good deed is never lost”.

Selmi now lives without problems with 20 sons and daughters, although he is currently in conflict with his nephew who is also his son-in-law. Despite the nephew being married to Selmi’s daughter, Selmi wants his nephew to get married for a second time to bring more children to the family, as the dream of having huge family hasn’t left his mind yet.

Translated from Al-Borsa newspaper

(Photos by Amany Kamal)


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  • Carole Talaway

    I’ve met others like him who love the idea of a big family without understanding the economic ramifactions to the nation. Time to give this guy a reality lesson. Egypt’s needs population regulation not expansion.

  • Ahmed Bata

    It is very unfortunate that in a country with per capita water and agriculture that is below poverty, and a broken social safety net, that this kind of thing is reported in a tongue-in-cheek manner. This is a catastrophe, allowed and encouraged by a warped doctrine of Islam.

  • Al Masry

    Egyptian women told me of having many children is a security against divorce and becoming homeless. We need to combine public subsidies with family planning and improving family law. It is the truth from Belqas to Gerga and Sohag.

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