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Salafi Front vows to stage an ‘Islamic revolution’

New wave of protests to unify Muslim youth under one umbrella, says Front’s spokesperson

Islamist political organisation, the Salafi Front, announced that it will stage a new wave of protests under the name “The Muslim Youth Uprising” on 28 November. The protests come as a response to “secular attempts to weaken the Islamic identity and Sharia”.

The group issued a statement Friday promising a new mobilisation “to defy those who authorised the murder of Muslim youths in the streets, the arrest of tens of thousands, and the closure of mosques”.

The conservative group, who supported ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, called for an Islamic revolution “that reveals the conspiracies of secularism”. The group also said the revolution is to defend the Islamic identity and to demand justice.

Khaled Said, spokesperson for the group, said that the planned uprising aims to confront the current regime and to unite all Islamist movements under one umbrella.

“There are a lot of Islamist groups that are spread across the country,” according to Said. “The Anti-Coup Alliance (ACA) is not making an effort to unite them.”

Said added that the call is not specifically directed to members of the Salafist ideology, asserting that it is for all Muslims, hence the name “The Muslim Youth Uprising”.

The Salafi Front presents itself as a movement that includes different arrays of Salafi thought from different parts of Egypt. Acting as one of the components of the ACA, the group boycotted the national referendum on the draft constitution which took place last January.

“After a year and a half of confrontations with the security apparatus and the government, we came to the conclusion that an Islamic revolution and the implementation of Islamic Sharia is the only salvation,” Said added.

He also said that the term “Islamic revolution” should not alienate any sects of protesters, as the “majority of Egyptians are Muslim and the majority of revolutionary youth are Muslims.”

Islamic organisations have taken different sides after the ouster of Morsi last June. While the majority of Islamist groups opposed the government, the Al-Nour Party and Islamic institution Al-Azhar claimed their support of the 30 June protests and the government that took over afterwards.

The Front, a vocal opponent of the Al-Sisi government, lately condemned the events taking place in Sinai in a Friday statement, accusing the armed forces of “torturing the innocent” by relocating residents from the border area.

On the other side, Mohamed Al-Amir, an Al-Azhar Mosque preacher, said Friday: “The Egyptian army is currently undertaking a sacred mission of combating terrorism and the Egyptian people should support it.”

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  • Reda Sobky

    This is sedition and this guy is a traitor in time of war. I can’t believe that this license to instigate disruption during war is being tolerated . This is way beyond freedom of expression, this is willful action in support of the enemies in time of war. The religious cover is just that, something to hide behind as though his speech is religious not political. This level of toxic behavior in any Western democracy would not be tolerated especially in time of war. The attacks from the German press in support of this kind of behavior is just that: fascists aiding fascists, I think the Germans have lost their ability to discern what Egypt faces, to them it is so politically correct to support the deposed as a democratic gesture, such a joke, almost an oxymoron: German democracy approves of genocide in the middle east because the press has been bought with Qatari money just like here in the USA. Its logic is defective and its intentions are clear to Egyptians as they have been in the past.

  • Reda Sobky

    I thought about it some more and reread it and it seems even more outrageous. Who does he think he is? Is he a custodian of Egypt? Is he competent to overthrow the state? it all seems ridiculous and this guy is suicidal and hungry for attention, well he has it now but it is negative attention as he is going down the road of bad consequences…please don’t complain later.

  • Egypt❤

    After a year and a half of confrontations with the security apparatus and the government, we came to the conclusion that an Islamic revolution and the implementation of Islamic Sharia is the only salvation,” Said added.

    This party and the organization must disappear fast as hell !! These cocksuckers are just as dangerous as ISIS!!
    Over our dead bodies that we will let that happen!!

  • rado

    Time to stand against tyrany…..time to protect ISLAM……ISLAMIC REVOLUTION IS COMING…..it happend at the time of Prophet as…..it will happen now …..the terrorist Sisi is scared like mice …..go to Israhell to protect you. You have no place in EGYPT……

  • rado

    sisi = isis. ……sisi is the real terrorist ….we must get rid of him to safe Egypt…..and we start to clear all the shia from arab countries…..they are cancer of this society…..

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