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Palestinians, Israelis return to Cairo for Gaza talks

Netanyahu stressed Israeli security as priority for delegation in Cairo

Palestinian and Israel delegations returned to Cairo on Sunday to resume indirect talks on the situation in the Gaza Strip as the deadline for a five-day ceasefire looms.

The cross-faction delegation put together by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had all arrived back in Cairo by Sunday to participate in the talks, said a Palestinian official with the delegation. He confirmed that the talks are set to start on Sunday and continue into Monday, after which the current ceasefire agreement is expected to expire.

Osama Hamdan, a member of Hamas’ political bureau and head of foreign relations, said on Saturday that unless Israel accepts the Palestinians’ demands it would “face a long war of attrition”. The Palestinian official said that Hamdan’s words are his personal view and not to be taken as the view of the delegation, stressing that “all [delegation members] are committed to one position”.

Ahead of the talks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting: “Only if there is a clear response to our security needs will we agree to reach understandings.” He stressed that Israel’s security is the priority for the Israeli delegation in Cairo. Netanyahu added: “As long as quiet is not restored, Hamas will continue to take very harsh blows. If it thinks that we cannot stand it, it is mistaken.”

The latest militarised phase of the decades old conflict began on 8 July, escalating to an Israeli ground offensive launched on 17 July, three days after Hamas declined to participate in an Egyptian ceasefire initiative saying that it was not formally approached to do so. At the start of August, Egypt managed to broker a 72-hour ceasefire, which included indirect talks in Cairo. Last week it seemed that the talks had collapsed after the Israeli delegation left Cairo following an incursion of the ceasefire agreement just hours before it was due to expire without incident. The Palestinians said that if the Israeli delegation did not commit to returning to talks that it too would leave Cairo. Egypt was able to broker another 72-hour ceasefire and the five-day extension was secured on 13 August.

The conflict has resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 people, and in Gaza 1,417 of those killed were civilians, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Of the 67 Israeli deaths, three were civilians including one foreign national.

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  • Jocelyn Sophia Poesnecker

    i greet you all peacefully and happily. i would like to share the news that i just wrote President Obama about an idea i had, after praying to GOD alone, about a good move for the leaders of Hamas and their people of Gaza.

    Next, i would like to share with President al-Sisi and his cabinet a letter that i hope reaches the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashal:
    i would like to say, with due respect, to the Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal, to please not send any more rockets into Israel, no matter what Israel does. instead please focus on your good relations with the government of Egypt. i hope and i asked GOD, that the Egyptian government would allow all people of Gaza, who want, to move to a free area of the Sinai peninsula, and allow your people to establish one or more cities there. i suggest, to Please GOD Who Loves for us not to pollute, that you try to have an all-solar city, with solar cars and greenhouses to grow your own organic produce. with all this work to do, in a new, hopefully safer location, i hope that the minds of the people would be focused on obeying GOD, and showing that you are not like the so-called ISIS at all in their bad ways.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    i send my due regards to President al-Sisi, with warm salutations.

    i end this peacefully, hoping that no more children and others of Gaza are killed unjustly. i have four half-Palestinian children myself here near Philadelphia, USA.

    please visit my youtube channel: jocelyn poesnecker, for songs of praise of our Loving GOD and all good created things.

    GOD Blessed us and never leaves us. jocelyn poesnecker vise ghazzawi

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