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Tamreeni means you never have to miss a workout again. (Photo courtesy of Tamreeni Facebook page)
Tamreeni means you never have to miss a workout again. (Photo courtesy of Tamreeni Facebook page)
Tamreeni means you never have to miss a workout again.
(Photo courtesy of Tamreeni Facebook page)

If you’ve ever tried sticking to a fitness regimen, you know how challenging it can be. In a city where main roads can still be jammed at midnight, some people are not joking when they say they cannot find the time to work out between their jobs and their home routines.

Tamreeni offers a quick workout without a gym, without equipment, without the hassle of parking and is completely free. Their workouts are designed to use your body or simple everyday objects like chairs and water bottles through their website which offers instructional videos with fast and simple workouts to minimise the effort you need to do before you start breaking a sweat.

“We found that a lot of people can’t work out because their jobs are too demanding or their gym is too expensive or far away. Working out to them was a commitment that was too expensive and for me it isn’t. We wanted to provide a way for people to work out that wouldn’t cost them time, effort or money,” said Yossra Shabana, who co-founded Tamreeni with Rana Fayez.

“You can start working out and implement small changes that will go a long way, without having to restructure your entire life just to get in an hour of exercise,” she added.

Tamreeni has two trainers on board, Wagih El-Husseiny and Mo’men Mourad, who make instructional videos that go on Tamreeni’s website and form the basis of the content the site provides, along with Dr Kamal Ashraf, who makes sure the exercises are safe.

Tamreeni’s website is completely free and is based around simple exercises that can be done with minimum inconvenience,

“We have four programmes of seven day challenges so far but we add content twice every month,” said Shabana.

With fitness awareness reaching new levels in Egypt with services like the BootCamp and the Wellness Log, Fayez and Shabana are at the forefront of the trend and hope to partner with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

“It’s a different way to workout compared to the traditional gym or class method. It’s for those who need to work out but do not have access to a gym, even if for a day. We have already partnered with a nutritional clinic and Tamreeni definitely has the capacity to partner with other services,” said Shabana.

Content is being added twice a month, and the team at Tamreeni is filming a new video every week. Users can go to Tamreeni’s website and register to start accessing their videos and helpful information.

It’s clear Tamreeni has the capacity to do something exciting for the future of fitness in Egypt, and the possibilities for expansion are endless, but for now its purpose is clear for any user: you never have to miss a workout again.

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