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Proudly Colourful By M. Elmahdi, published through Momentography
Proudly Colourful  By M. Elmahdi, published through Momentography
Proudly Colourful
By M. Elmahdi, published through Momentography

Photography is about capturing moments and allowing them to remain not only in memory, but to physically exist as well. The moment becomes forever etched in the fabric of time. 23-year old Mohamed Elmahdi Abdelwahab, founder of Momentography, realised that at a young age.

“My interest in photography started back in preparatory school when my dad bought me a snap and shoot camera,” Abdelwahab explained. He found that his interests differed from other young boys his age. Instead of taking photos of his friends and activities, he was drawn to landscapes.

As his activities developed, he found that he needed to put more effort in his photography. “At college I was a volunteer in MSSA, a students’ organisation for medical students; I was working on designing posters and flyers. I decided to go in depth in photography so that I can produce some high quality photos suitable for design,” Abdelwahab said.

Abdelwahab started to do some research through reading and he also bought his first DSLR camera. “I didn’t have any formal training or workshop, I mostly learnt through practice; reading about the technique and then applying it,” he said.

He focuses mainly on landscapes, but his projects vary. “My projects are mainly conceptual, when I get an idea I try to visualise it in a photo set. Some projects were required by exhibitors or for a campaign,” Abdelwahab stated.

Abdelwahab also offers courses for those interested in developing their talents. “I had experience in conducting trainings and workshops, so I thought to deliver the knowledge and experience I had in photography; currently I developed a curriculum that has been revised by some professionals: basics of photography, photoshop for photographers, and long exposure tricks, and hopefully, will try to find time to develop more courses soon,” he said.

His process differs according to the project he is handling. “I start with a concept then try to sketch it on paper before organizing with the models or preparing the location. However, in landscapes it is a bit different, because I don’t have a lot of control. I start first by wandering around for some time to find a good spot, sometimes I visit the same place at different times of the day to make sure I get the best possible shot,” Abdelwahab explained.

Abdelwahab also wants to direct people’s attention to the power of photography beyond taking pictures at parties or weddings. He also hopes to one day found an amateurs photography club.

His work can be seen on his Facebook page, Momentography.

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