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Foreign ministry announces official stance on GERD

Egypt seeking agreement to ensure Ethiopia's developmental needs, interests of Sudan, and Egypt’s water security, says ministry

A picture taken on May 28, 2013 shows the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony.  (AFP Photo)
A picture taken on May 28, 2013 shows the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony.
(AFP Photo)

Egypt is seeking to negotiate a “win-win” scenario with Ethiopia and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that would protect the Ethiopia’s developmental needs, Sudan’s interests, and Egypt’s water security, according to a Foreign Ministry document released Tuesday.

The document, outlining the foreign ministry’s official stance towards the dam, detailed the Egyptian narrative of the GERD negotiations and listed the arguments of the Egyptian side.

The Egyptian side said Ethiopia continuing the construction process at the dam site “violates all the well-known international legal principles regarding projects and/or constructions on international rivers”, adding that it has broken a number of international agreements.

Among the agreements mentioned in the document was the 1902 agreement between Ethiopia and the British Government, where the Ethiopian side vowed not to construct or allow the construction of any work across the Blue Nile, Lake Tana, or the Sobat, which would arrest the flow of their waters except in agreement with “His Britannic Majesty’s Government and the Government of Sudan”.

According to the foreign ministry, the Ethiopian side also violated another agreement on the framework for cooperation with Egypt signed in 1993 where each party committed to “refrain from engaging in any activity related to the Nile waters that may cause appreciable harm to the interests of the other party.”

The document added that the Ethiopian side continues to build the dam disregarding the recommendations of the International Panel of Experts (IPOE) final report, which called for further studies in water resource systems, hydropower models, and a trans-boundary environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment.

The IPOE was composed of two experts each from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, along with four international experts. In the panel’s report the Ethiopian side did not share a number of documents, including the dam break analysis, cost benefit analysis, and others.

The report also mentioned that the present hydrological and reservoir simulation study shows detrimental impacts on Egypt’s water demand and the Aswan High Dam’s hydropower generation.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry had released a statement last Monday stressing that the Ethiopian side finds mediation between Egypt and Ethiopia “unnecessary”, adding that the Nile is a source of cooperation between Nile Basin countries, not a source of conflict.

Ethiopia said the talks in February “made no progress” because of a difference in opinion regarding the involvement of international experts. It said that while Egypt is pushing for the involvement of foreign experts, Sudan and Ethiopia do not see the need.

Tripartite talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have been held in November, December and January, but no agreement has been reached so far.

The construction plan of the 145 metre dam is set to be complete in 2017. The dam will have a storage capacity of 74 BCM, installing capacity of 6000 MW, and a total cost of $4.78bn.

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    Ethiopia should never ever trust Egypt!!!!!they are trying to distract us by saying this and that.a few months ago i heard one european diplomat saying’because of the dam there will be a regional conflict in the coming years’.we better prepare ourselves not to hurt anyone but to defend our motherland!! ETHIOPIA TIKDEM TELATUWA(GEBTS)TIWDEM!!!!

    • Ethiorules

      Viva win-win approach
      Fanatics are spoilers on both sides (you are spoiler from our side)

      • Habromay Ambesagir

        Ethiorules, you are the spoiler. Because of passive and weaklings like yourself who are showing weak attitudes, Egypt keeps on with its empty threats and cheap propaganda. Only united, resolute and firm and uncomprimising stand will deter Egypt’s belligerent and aggressive propaganda.

        • fictor king

          come on people, have some respect. its egypt not some random nation. egypt is and has always been a great nation comprised with the greatest people on earth. i’m an ethiopian but i’m proud of the egypt as an african. i have much respect for egyptians. nile is a matter of survival and identity for egypt. it’s not their fault if they don’t trust us with their most valued item, the nile. i’m not of the opinion that we intend to harm their interest, but, as the main source of the nile, we deserve to benefit from its, at least what goes to waste potential. i think egyptians are smart enough to see the need that forced us to build the dam. please egypt, we are your “historic brothers”, we won’t harm you, don’t stress on your “historic right”

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            Tell that to your dad

          • Habromay Ambesagir

            fictor-your …pathetic post makes me want to vomit.
            how is egypt a great nation?because of pyramids?USA..and..EU..China…Singapore..Israel…Canada..Australia.these are great nations..not..egypt the camel herder country and a nation of backward beduin..arab savages…
            secondly…the..NILE…DOES..NOT…belong to Egypt and is not its item…if anything…the Nile belongs to the countries from which it originates…and the orginators should have had first right to the Nile in a justfull world and egypt should pay for their water…
            u r really disgusting weak arab slave…sucking up to egypt arab ass…where is ur honor idiot

          • fictor king

            you are so greedy man. why do you think our government is negotiating with egypt if what you are saying holds water? change your name to “the ancient patriot” cause i already picture you holding sword and shield of ancient ethiopian warriors. you are only a backward fool. btw egypt has a much more bigger economy, military, and diplomatic influence than our beloved ethiopia, not to mention their patriotism. i believe you will not be on the battlefront if egypt wages war. Am i right? i’m sure i’m right. death is for the poor and children of the poor farmer not you fools, i mean all you wanna be patriots,

          • Habromay Ambesagir

            fictor…ur..post is the most pathetic vomiting full of inferiority complex post i read in long time. u got no honor kneeling bowing like some slave…be a man. post more reasonable and honorable posts…Nile belongs to the countries where it originates from first and foremost and in a fair and justfull world they should be the first to benefit from it,,not Egypt-this country you admire so much and call “brother” has left no stone unturned to hinder nile development projects in Ethiopia and other African countries from where Nile originates..So..please think about what you are writing before u type ur loser thoughts!!!!

          • Ethiopian Observer

            You do not have the knowledge of what country is!

      • HABESHA

        keep fooling yourself .Since when Egyptians care about Ethiopia?????

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      Ethiopia must never trust Egypt.

      • Tsehaye12

        ቆማጣን ቆማጣ ካላሉት ገብቶ ይፈተፍታል ነው እና
        ኣንተ ትክክለኛ ማንነትህ ማወቅ ኣለብህ፡፡ ኣንተ ባለጌ ዋልጌ ጋጠወጥ እና የሰው ልክ የማይውቅ ስድ መሆንህን ተገንዘብ፡፡ ቀጥሎ
        ስለ ግብፅ ኣና ኢትዮጵያ ከመፃፍህ በፊት ከሰዎች ጋር እንዴት መነጋገር እንዳለብህ እና የማህበራዊ ኑሮ ግብረገብነት ሀ ሁ መማር
        ያስፈልገሃል፡፡ በርግጥ ኣንተ የሰው ምክር የሚያስተምርህ ኣትመስልም በኣካል ብትገኝ ኖሮ ትንሽ ቃሊቲ ተንፈስ ያረግህ ነበር፡፡

  • ethiopia

    Egypt has been harming ethiopia for long. It has worked to distablize ethiopia.and use the water where it gives 0%. It has been the major archtrct for killing of ethiopians in saudi and expulsion. Now it contiunes with its policy of bleeding ethiopian people by coordinating with kuwait endangering nearly 100,000 ethiopians. Keep it up the price to repay will take all this into account. Doing something evil from the back by egyptian leaders will only harm the people of egypt which weas ethiopians never wanted. Egypt will surely pay for all this brutal acts be sure!!

  • Tsehaye12

    You Egyptian keep barking while we will continue our dam construction, but one thing you need to realize is that try to sabotage and halt the construction of the dam will cost you more than you can imagine. The first thing you will loose is the good will of Ethiopians and once you lost it you will never get it again this will lead you to cry forever since the water flow from Ethiopia it is easy to harm you by polluting the water. Ethiopia even don’t need to fly fighter jet to defeat you. Be aware and work for a win win solution for both nations.

  • Ethiopian Observer

    Both the 1902 and1993 agreement are not binding to Ethiopia.
    First the 1902 is about Ethiopia and Sudan border not about Nile water. Secondly it’s not ratified neither by Ethiopia nor by British royal at the time. Thirdly the Amharic and English version has different meaning. Most importantly the Agreement says the it will be effective until Great Britain leaves Sudan. The other thingis that the commitment is not completely to stop water flowing downstream. That is what today we call it equitable and reasonable share. Regarding 1993 it’s Memorandum between Melese Zenawi and MubariK, It’s not agreement. Even though it’s the Egyptian who first broke the Memorandum by diverting Nile Water from it’s Natural course to other continent(Sinai desert).

    • El-Basha

      Very good point! I met a couple of Egyptians and Sudanese here studying abroad. Many of them are deadly sure that Ethiopia has been party to the 1929 and 1959 Egypt/Sudan agreement. Having said that, Egyptian media are out yet to misinform their public by bringing another ´cooked´agreements which never have any binding effect. Power of dis-(mis)information!


      Her comes the academic !!!! Thank you, Observer.

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  • Aba Ilma

    I would like to shout laud Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrra!
    Is common sense begining to prevail among the Egyptian political class?
    Are they grasping that coercion does not work with Ethiopians ?
    Or are they trying to play the same game under new name ” “win-win” scenario”?
    What ever their motivations may be it is imperative that wir search for a win-win solution.
    To facilität that:
    1. Ethiopians and friends, where ever you are, stand ferm together and help in the realisation of GERD.
    Todays Generation has a one time historical chance to fight peacefully its own ADWA.
    2. Ethiopians have to work hard to win over rational Egyptian brothers and sisters, for a common cause –
    equitable utilisation of shared resource, the Nile River, on the basis of the Nile Basin Cooperaive Framework Agreement.
    3. Egypt kann adress its “water security” on equal footing only within the Nile Basin Cooperatve Framework Agreement.
    4. We call upon Egypt to sign this agreement and bekomme a member of the African family of the Basin. We dont have time to waste.
    Long live the friendship of the peoples of Egypt and Ethiopia. We cann make it if we try.

  • Habromay Ambesagir

    Egypt need to understand the Blue Nile is Ethiopian, not Egyptian since it has its origins in Ethiopia. Egypt has been the only beneficiary of the Nile waters without contributing anything for the development of the Nile Basin countries from whom it recieves freely all its life-essential water. Now, times have changed. Ethiopia and other Nile Basin countries have signed a new fair and justfull agreement that makes null and void the unjust Bristish colonial agreements regarding the Nile that- in highly unreasonable and unfair ways- has benefitted Egypt-and, only Egypt for many decades.

    Forget about Egypt being able to stop the GERD construction. It will never happend. But what I see happening in the future is, the Nile source countries like Ethiopia demanding Egypt to pay for the water that it has utilized for FREE for centuries and re-imbursement for trying disrupt these countries from attaining fundings for developing their Nile waters. And, secondly, to demand Egypt to pay for the Nile water annually billions of USD from there on- which is a natural resource like oil- just like the Arabs are selling their oil and not giving it away for free.

  • Jasmine

    Win-win is what Ethiopia’s stand has always been throughout the Nile argument. Egypt litmus-tested all sorts of coercion, including supporting guerrilla fighters on the borderlines and diplomatic blackmails, and now when all doesn’t seem to work, the new terminology arrives…”official stance”. When the prime minister and the water and irrigation minister were degrading and bullishly accusing Ethiopia wasn’t that official already? What is new in this stand that was never in the negotiations we already had? You were trying to cuff our hands for another generation to come… even to the extent of asking Italy to force the dam contractor company to drop out of the project … In any case, good luck with the negotiations…we’ll follow your words and your actions…we may forgive you, but we won’t forget.

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      please sell your crap win win theory to somebody else. Ethiopia does not need Egypt to use or win to use its water. You people do not know your rights. You are giving them legitimacy. You formed panel of experts which was not necessary and now you say win win? what does Ethiopia get from Egypt to win? Ethiopia will gain nothing from Egypt whether Egypt exist or it does not exist. We are not even Neighbours and there is nothing Ethiopia depends on Egypt. Please stop your crap win win propaganda.

      • Jasmine

        Peaceful neighborhood is a win-win, power deal is a win-win, economic, cultural and socio-political integration is win-win…there is a lot more to win-win between these two centuries old nations who lived together in bad as well as in good times….hate brings only pain, friend.

        • Alula Shocking Egypt

          What u are saying does not exist in the world we live.This world only exist in your mind. You are lying. We never lived together with Arabs. You lying to yourself. There is nothing Ethiopia can win from Egypt. Nothing, except lose, war invasion, sabotage, … you do not even see what they have been doing the last weeks. You are sleeping lady. We do not need them. Ethiopians need nothing from Egypt, nothing. They only need our water for free? No more free water. Do not teach me something which is not true. We are not neighbours. There is nothing Ethiopian depends on Egypt? unless u tell me you wanted war from them/? wanted to die for them? Ethiopia enemy is not poverty but the cause of our poverty. The cause of our poverty is Egypt. We need to fight Egypt with our toe and nail and defeat them. Otherwise, you can not win the poverty without winning the cause of poverty. Ethiopia was engaged in 30 years war because of Egypt? 30 years no development in Ethiopia? only war? that is the cause of our poverty and this was sponsored by Egypt. Egypt is our mortal enemy. Nothing to win from this bastards.

          • Degu

            I think today´s world is more connected, economically and socially, than before. Thinking only in the interest of Ethiopia doesn´t guarantee us that we will achieve what we aspire for-to End poverty! We need to win the minds of few rational Egyptians that it is possible for both nations to prosper contrary to the activity of their politicians. Win-win approach is definitely the way out friend.

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            No teach that theory to your kids. Who said Ethiopia will be disconnected from the world if it uses its waters? Please shut up if you do know anything. Every country has full right to use its resources. Egypt is not the world of Ethiopia? Egypt is the enemy of Ethiopia. Egypt is the cause of Ethiopian poverty. You are saying you cannot defeat poverty without Egypt? you must be sick and ill if you have this mentality. Can you tell me what Ethiopian win from Egypt? what does Ethiopia get from Egypt? fuck, you have a rat brain honestly. You need to go to school again if you are adult. We are not farmers. We know our rights and do not come here to mislead Ethiopian. The win win is woyane or TPLF lose lose theory. There is nothing Ethiopia can gain or win from Egypt. Nothing, if the world is connected than ever why u do not get free oil from them because of the world is connected? because of the world is connected , can u go out and get free lunch from every restaurant ? teach this crap theory to your kids probably. We know our rights. Do not tell us something wrong, please, it is better u shut up if u do not know your right. Do not come here and try to be a mentor when you are really suicidal to yourself.

          • Degu

            Lol…try to cool down folk. ´Akaki zeraf´ is not in the interest of Ethiopia. Yes, Ethiopia has absolute right to harness its water resources especially Abay that accounts for 70% of Ethiopian surface water volume annually. At the same time, the nation has its own obligation because the river in question is of transboundary nature which requires mutual understanding between nations. Of course, we will benefit from this understanding. i.e. there won´t be any reason for Egypt to pursue all the hostile activities that you mentioned against Ethiopia.

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            You theory is crap dead theory. You are trying to get something you will never get unless you are dead. It is not about cooling down or warming up. Your theory does not make sense. You have obligation? may be your have obligation? I do not have to die for somebody else? No Arab or Egypt came to save my life when I was starving to death? You must be kidding man. What obligation? What? what obligation? you must cook and eat your crap theory of transboundary and obligation, obligation over my dead body?. If you could benefit, you could have benefitted when they have been using your water 100%. You must be a damn rated brain to think like this. As I said earlier, you give this theory to your kids, not to us here. We are learnt people and we know our rights and we have no obligation to die to feed somebody else. You wanted to beg in the name of Ethiopians people because of your imaginary and figment obligation? You must be ashamed to come with this crap theory of altruism. We do not need losers like you to make deal for us in our name. There is no any single benefit you can tell me Ethiopia can get from Egypt. You must be delusional, otherwise, you must have learnt at least from what they have been doing and they are still doing? you sound a woyane rat? Woyane believes in altruism? your theory sounds that of woyane typical. You will never get it until you are dead or hit on the head. Just the last few weeks they were running across the globe to stop the dam? and they are telling you even now that u are building the dam illegally by breaching their agreement and yet you tell me here standing you have an obligation? Dead man, please shut up now. I do not wana hear crap theory of yours.

          • Degu

            Can’t we stick to the points and argue in civility instead of insults or judgements on who I am?

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            I suggest you talk to your Egyptian buddies after now; I have no time to waste with you about this. Thank you, ask them to give your money to lobby for them by talking about Ethiopians obligation to die to feed others? Thank you man, God luck with lobby for Egypt.

          • Tsehaye12

            The so called H2O You are very rude and stupid above all ignorant. You better get lost. You have nothing good for Ethiopia only you have hidden agenda, which by provoking Egypt and lead them in to confrontation against Ethiopia. This hidden agenda is the agenda of your god father Shabia.

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            Tsehaye12, banda born and banda alive. You are the enemy of Ethiopia. Traitors, leba, acheberbar.If you are scared off Egypt, then the best thing for you is to go back to your mothers womb if she is alive? She would not mind putting you there back? rkash, koasha, lksks, scum bag, insolent , wicked, leba, agersheyach, …

          • Tsehaye12

            አየህ ባለጌነትህ እና ዋልጌነት ጋጠወጥነትህ ቅልብጭ
            ብሎ ወጣ፡፡ ስለ ግብፅ ኣና ኢትዮጵያ ከመፃፍህ በፊት ከሰዎች ጋር እንዴት መነጋገር እና የማህበራዊ ኑሮ ግብረገብነት ሀ ሁ መማር

          • Jasmine

            You are running foul man…cool down, you must be high or something…this is an international news media…would be nice to learn to make your point with out loads of emotions….civility should prevail.

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            Jasmine, when you get defeated you started shouting at me. International or economic integration , … your bla bla theory does not hold water. You have no any point. U started shouting on me now. You felt attacked because of your weak rationale? and you decided to tell me I am emotional without knowing anything about me? just because you did not like my response? what is foul man? Is Egypt has to pay foul? in your figmented and perverted, banda mind yes. You do not know your right and you wanted me to be like you? Shame on you Jasmine, you must be an Egyptian, I doubt you are Ethiopian. Rest assured, your Egypt will be denied any free water? Alas, u can not do anything about it here.

          • Jasmine

            I understand that you, like most of us concerned on the Nile, are frustrated with the bullishness and constantly changing response of Egyptian politicians towards our Renaissance Dam, but I don’t see any reason why we have to respond the same way their officials often do by barking and war-mongering on news media. We’ll try to convince them that this is a regionally beneficial project and they have nothing to worry about, we are not diverting the river to some other use rather than for producing electricity and releasing it. They need to understand this because the Nile is as important to them as it it for us. It’s illegitimate, immoral and immature to say to others ‘I will do whatever I want with my river, you can go to hell’ over a shared resource… Central to our argument should be that any trans-boundary river is a shared resource…no one should take monopoly on it. Egypt has to sign the Entebe Agreement (CFA) that guarantees an equitable share by all riparian countries and drop its futile mantra of ‘no drop of water’. After signing the CFA, Egypt should negotiate to get guaranteed for more water from the upstream states through various compensation mechanisms…[say by investing on agriculture on the upstream(Sudan, Ethiopia) and reducing its own high water demanding cotton and rice productions, invest on upstream water resources management strategies to increase the water flow of the river, or redirect the Nile before entering in to the Mediterranean ocean…some estimates show that can yield upto 15bln m3 per annum!]. With regards to name calling, don’t bother….I am not in to that at all:)

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            Ms. Jasmine, I am an Ethiopian; I am not sell out like you. You have nothing to stand for Ethiopia. You sound a sympathetic Islamicist who is advocating for Egypt? You wanted compensation ? you wanted money ? fuck, please get lost and do not talk on my behalf. You say we will not use the water? hell? who are you to tell me I will not use my water? I am burning for not using the water up to now. Jasmine ( Isamicist ) we will use the water for irrigation, fish farming, for drinking, and for washing, for ….. there is no clean water across Ethiopia from Ogaden to Tigrai. There is no water at all in Ogaden, Afar, Tigrai region. Those people who live there need clean water urgently. You are enemy of Ethiopian Jasmine.If there are people like u in Ethiopia? we must wipe them out to help our people. Because people like you are burden of our country. If u transboundary theory means anything why was Egypt using 55.5 billion cubic meter of water alone? why is Egypt telling Ethiopia that it can not use a drop of its water? if that was the case why was Ethiopia blocked from building anything and denied access to fund from WB, IMF,…? Lady, either you are a sympathetic islamicist of Ethiopian origin or you have brainless at all. Just the past few weeks your Egyptian were running telling the world not to give money to Ethiopia and to withdraw Salini from Ethiopia? but you still do not get the message and you are telling me you wanted to convince them? Why you did not convince them in the past 22 years ? Lady, you need to go see a doctor because you do not seem to even understand anything. I hope you do not hold a position in an Ethiopian government office. That will be negative for Ethiopia to have such gutless, meek and boneless lady as Ethiopian. Jasmine, we will use the water and Ethiopia will never agree or sign anything with Egypt. Egypt will pay for every drop of our water. you listen if you can listen, you must sell your crap theory of transboundary or convincing theory to the dead people only. We are not illiterate here and we know how the entire world runs, not only Egypt or Islamic countries. You islamicist who are not able to know who you are? but Arab slaves, need to vacate from our land and go to your muslim brothers in Saudi Arabia and get raped there. You are a traitor 100% You are saying we will not use the water? Jasmine, you would not mind signing saying that? you must know what you are saying is killing Ethiopians alive, not only this generation, but the future generation of Ethiopians. You must shut up if you do not know the rights of Ethiopians. Please shut up and do not talk on of behalf Ethiopia and Ethiopian. We do not want Islamiscits like you.

          • Jasmine

            Lol…you sound only silly 🙂

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            Now you are 100% defeated. you have nothing to say. You banda, ashloklaki arab baria. Go to your holy land and they will rape you in broad-day light . You wanted them to invest in Ethiopia? because you wanted to be raped in Ethiopia? The raping in Arab is not enough? you are asking them to invest in our land? We will send you back to your hold land with them when the day of rage and reckoning come one day. There will be a day of rage in Ethiopia where bandas like you will be casted out from Ethiopian soil.U wanted them to invest? hmmm

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  • Berhan Bezabih

    Win Win is The Only way out for Egypt , No More! Egypt can’t live a good life in The expanse of African’s

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      Please, shut your big mouth; there is no nothing Ethiopia can win from Egypt. The water is in Ethiopia, not in Egypt.There is nothing Ethiopia can gain or lose from Egypt? of course we have lost 30 years of development because of Egypt and we have lost our water and soil,… there is nothing that makes sense win win. Go and tell your dad about your win win. We are not villager here. Go and fuck off from here. Bullshit. He acts as if he knows and say win win? can you tell me what Ethiopia can win from Egypt? on what basis? win win makes sense only if two parties have equal right? If something is between them? is the Nile between Egypt and Ethiopia? The nile is in the heart land of Ethiopia and there is nothing Ethiopia can gain or win whether Egypt exist or it does not exist or agree or it does not agree. Get out of here man.

      • Degu

        ho! hasab menager yale new….sidib gn min yaregal?

      • dawit

        you are absolutely mad dog!! fucking idiot, who the hell are u?? is it egyptian took your kidney in sinai desert?? why you fucking barking to everyone??? wedi shermuta !! ylma hateraw !! butanna!!at list get a 7day holy water b4 you dead!! everyone has a right to express what they feel.!! tru English tenagari dedeb!! degmo tastawkaleh be kfu enjera abat new yadekew! arrogant! AHUN LKEKBJ KZENHN, KZENAM!!

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    I have said it many times, I wanted to repeat myself again; There is no any need to talk with Egypt. Ethiopia must close the door and totally ignore Egypt. Egypt has no any right on Ethiopian water. In the beginning it was wrong to form a pane of experts because the panel of experts is now used against the dam, not as Ethiopian government intended. I will repeat again, Ethiopian and Egyptians are different people who do not share culture, moral, custom. Ethiopians are kind and generous people. Egyptian in particular and Arab in general are sub-humans who have no respect for other fellow humans. Our kindness is being considered weakness and not knowing our rights? Other countries are using their water to generate money like oil to feed themselves. Examples, Losethu sells it water to South Africa, despite Losethu is in South Africa and a tiny country of 1 million people, South Africa never ever tried to use the water by force and for free. South Africa pays the hard cash. USA pays hard-cash to use the Canadian Columbia river. There is nothing for free as there is no free oil from Arab countries to countries which do not have oil. Now you will get free water only if all Arab countries agree to give their oil freely to every country. There is no free water from Ethiopia anymore. We have no agreement and we had no agreement with you. We will never have one in the near future and long future. No free water from Ethiopia to Egypt. No committee, no commission, no mediator, no arbitrators, no panel of experts, no colonial agreement, no British, no Italian, no Saudi Arabia, no Russian,… the water is Ethiopian. You can say whatever you want and you can go wherever you want,, the water is in our land and nothing can move the water to Egypt except money. You pay and you will get the amount of water depending on how much you pay. No free water, no talk, no deal, period. If there is international law that says Ethiopians cannot use their waters, then let the sun stop shining, the stars fall down, and the earth quake and turn upside down, let the ocean swell and storm, we will use our resources with no need for blessing from enemies. No diplomacy bla bla. You have no case.

    • aabdelfattah

      I think you have a misunderstanding here , I don’t know about the other countries but for us the Nile is a matter of life and death . We don’t deny your rights to improve your lives or generate more electricty or whatsoever but we are certainly concerned with the flow of the Nile to us . For thousands of years the Nile has been the source of civilization in Egypt , we rely completely on it for agriculture and drinking. I don’t know what are you thinking by saying “let’s ignore Egypt” because even if you ignore the problem it will come to you.
      We will never let it go because simply our lives depend on it and unless you accept a win-win situation the problem wil keep escalating.

      You need water , we need water .. let’s negotiate as civilzed nations, else we will solve it the same way humans solved their conflicts for thousands of years .. We fight and by that we will all surely lose.

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    There is nothing Ethiopia can win from Egypt except lose. What is win win? win win is only for two party which has equal stake? Egypt has no equal stake on our water. The win win theory gives legitimacy for Egypt’s claim. There is no win win for Ethiopia from Egypt because Ethiopia gains nothing from Egypt except losing. Please stop win win crap theory. Egypt has to pay for the water, because Egypt has no any right on our water. Bandas stay in your house and do not come here to sell Ethiopia for Egypt. There is nothing Ethiopia can win from Egypt but lose.

    • Tsehaye12

      H2O you better learn how people deal with each other in a civilized manner before you shout here and there and try to teach others you hatred and ignorant ideas like some hate mongered Egyptian did.

      • Tsehaye12

        Still the solution is a win win solution for both People.

  • Shone

    I met a couple of Egyptians and Sudanese here studying abroad. Many of them are deadly sure that Ethiopia has been party to the 1929 and 1959 Egypt/Sudan agreement. Egyptian media are out yet to misinform their public by bringing another ´cooked´agreements which never have any binding effect. Power of dis-(mis)information!

  • shewit

    In relative terms, this report tends to be more professional. Credit to Mr AbdAllah! Having said that, instead of becoming a mouthpiece for the authorities, The Daily News Egypt must have also asked the authorities or experts if the so called 1902 and 1993 ´ agreements´ were legally binding. Memorandum of understanding can not fall under ´the well-known- international laws´. Vowed is something political not legal. For an agreement to be legal it needs ratification. Second, what is Egypt´s position to the opinion of international panel of expert´s report? Claims that Ethiopia haven´t consider the recommendations forwarded by the experts is misleading when Egypt doesn´t recognize the final report.

  • Habromay Ambesagir

    Water trading agreement- Ethiopia selling its natural resource and Egypt buying the water for billions of USD annually. Why must arabs sell their natural resources-gas and oil- but countries like Ethiopia cannot sell their water,when water which is a more life-essential than oil and more sought for be given away for free? It doesn’t make sense at all.

    Water trading is the process of buying and selling water access entitlements, also often called water rights. The terms of the trade can be either permanent or temporary, depending on the legal status of the water rights. Some of the western states of the United States, Chile, South Africa, Australia and Spain’s Canary Islands have water trading schemes. Some consider Australia’s to be the most sophisticated and effective in the world. Some other countries, especially in South Asia, also have informal water trading schemes. Water markets tend to be local and informal, as opposed to more formal schemes.

    • Tsehaye12

      habromay there is no plan to sell Nile water to Egypt. Egyptian have the right to survive. Don’t mis inform the public and try to divert the situation. Ethiopia is only calling for equitable use of Nile water and swim together or sink together. It got nothing to do with selling of Nile water.

      • Alula Shocking Egypt

        Banda, tell that to your banda buddies

  • Zeledaw

    Egypt should accept it’s former colonizer ,Britain, as it’s current colonizer and protectorate for the 1902 agreement to keep intact.

  • ethiopia

    Egypt says dam collapse rock study, ignious rock, geology, sedmentation, environment, water security redline, interational agreement, confidence builing, signing on paper …. all aimd at depriving the people of ethiopia from using our water. Here is berifly dam collapse is.end of world senario. Aswan dam built on sand with out base rock on plain land long ago did not even collapsed. With advanced technology dam built on rock in valley in ethiopia will not collapse as u fantasize. Dam built on plain land is more risky Of collapse. Water chemistry .. is another dead argument plant trees to serve as natural water purfier and egypt must pay for regreening. Issue of siltation no problem and sedmentaion in the dam no problem ethiopia will build several dams n the nile to reduce water pressure and sedmination blala and ethiopia must use the dam for irrigation that will reduce water pressure no warry ethiopian people will takecare of water pressure. Environmental impact is on sustainablity and managing unavoidable fatcs of.development that is what EIA is all about. Confidence building resuires egypt commitment to change course and can only be done on nbi. It is egypt that has been problem of confide’ce against ethiopian people. For that matter the dectator junta in addis can not sign any deal on behalf of ethiopian people. Water security requires oil pay back to ethiopia and respect for ethiopian people.

  • Lee

    As for the 1902 agreement – there is no more monarchy in Ethiopia and no more British Colonial system in Sudan. That in and of itself renders the previous agreement void, irrelevant, unsubstantial, whatever word you want to use. Further more, the hydro dam does not “arrest” the waters of the Nile, rather it regulates it’s flow. The water will still flow to Sudan and Egypt. The Egyptian media is full of conspiratorial wackos, doomsday nuts, radical Arab nationalists, and Islamists. In other words, they are always right and everyone else is wrong. And whoever disagrees with them, do not do so in good faith, because they have a genuine disagreement, rather, in the minds of Egyptian propagandists, it can only mean they are evil and mean to harm Egypt. Perhaps Ethiopia is a puppet for Israel… How many times have I heard that one? Maybe Egypt should separate militancy from politics. Maybe they should focus on honest unbiased science rather than claiming to have invented a contraption that cures AIDS and Hepatitis C.


      Lee, as you stated not that it matters but I have a bit of an insight for you. There were two versions of the treaty of 1902 prepared for signing. One in English, the other in Amharic for Menilik to review and sign. True to the typical colonial method of the day, the English version was different in tone and purpose than the Amharic one. The British version asserts British authority while the Amharic version merely commits Ethiopia for prior consultation with Britain, prior to projects on the Nile. At the time, the French and Italy were also competitors for hegemony over the region and Britain was worried for its cotton plantations in Egypt. The Ethiopian side realized the discrepancy thanks to the French, and thus Menilik never got around to signing it, in lieu of clarification. There are a number of historical back and forth of documents in Amharic and English on this issue . I’m sure there are academics on this forum that can elaborate . By the way, I’ve always admired the lucidity of your postings.

  • Gembre

    God Bless Ethiopia, Israel, and Turkey!!!

    • Degu

      Please rule out Israel and Turkey out of the calculation. Ethiopians have a just cause to use their own resource regardless of these countries. Such claims of support from these countries would only serve authorities in Egypt who still are in cold-war attitude. Thank you!

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    Win win is only when two parties have equal right. If something belongs to two parties only and equally. In this case, Ethiopia owns the water. Egypt owns nothing. The water is in Ethiopian soil, in mainland in Ethiopia. The water is not between Egypt and Ethiopia. Besides, Egypt has less right than other riparians because it is located at the end because there are about 10 countries before Egypt in the parlance of Egypt who have the same right as Egypt. If all the countries can claim the same as Egypt, the water will not even get out of Ethiopia. As such, except bully theory, there is nothing Ethiopia can win from Egypt. The welling of the water within Ethiopia does not require Egypt to well up. I do not see the logic of win-win theory here. Ethiopia got nothing to lose because of Egypt agreement or disagreement. Ethiopia just have to use its water as it deems necessary without the blessing anyone. Ethiopia needs no permission or counsel or advise or recommendation from Egypt, period. It is because you people do not know your right that you are legitimating and endorsing Egypt as stake of holder and you give them the wrong message they have right equal with you? That is completely wrong.There is one option to Egypt to none, join the NBI or stay away from Ethiopia 100%. Ethiopian do not need Egypt.

  • masresha Aydefruhim

    What the Egyptian officials all the time do note understand
    is that whenever they pointed one of their fingers on ethiopia with regard the entire problems of this issue, the rest four of their fingers are pointing on themselves. Regayourselves1902 agreement I just would like
    them to read over and again that agreement. Regarding the 1993 agreement , who violet that agreement is obvious, it is egypt by build a canal to senian desert with out counselting
    ethiopia. Regarding the panal of experts recomendation, ethopia is playing its part, what is left is up to you , you are the one dragging your feet not to be effectively excicut on time. Just bleam yourselves for A to Z problems you mentioned on this article . It just doesn’t hold water.

  • PAPA

    God Bless Ethiopia, Israel, and Turkey!!! Endejemernew enchersewalen…..

  • kirubel mamo

    You Egyptians cant stop Ethiopia from building a dam on its own resources! dont forget that more than 87% of the nile water is from ethiopia. since there is no egypt without nile,you have to respect the nation which can take it from you! Never think to hurt ethiopia because it will coast you a loat!

  • shimeles wolde

    Both Ethiopia and Egypt are the ancient states in the world and share many things together. but I dont think you egyptians are actually aware of that. and beside,both have africa’s strongest millitary.

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      Shimeles, you are wrong. These are not Egyptians. Egytians are either killed or assimilated. You do not know Egyptian. Egyptians are not Arabs, black Nubians and Ethiopians who are either killed or Islamicized and assimilated. You are talking with Arabs who settled in Egypt in the 7 Century AD as invaders. So you wrong brother. Egyptian were Africans black, Ethiopian blood, not Arabs. It seems you do not know the History of Egypt? Egypt was part of greater Ethiopia and administered by Ethiopian until the 7 century BC. It was conquered by the Hellens in the 7th century BC and then by the Rormans in the 4th Century BC and then by the Arabs in the 7th Century AD which is 1300 years ago. It seems Ethiopians do not know who is in Egypt?

  • Techawet

    Now this looks it has some professional
    touch on the propaganda:

    Just few replies:

    Regarding the Agreements:

    The 1902 agreement (not ratified) indicates Ethiopia shall not block/arrest the Nile in its territory. Yes we do not have now also an intention to block (not a drop to pass to Egypt) but understand that we have the right to use the water more than 60% of the Nile water originate from Ethiopia (>40 Billion m3/year), 40% we are kind enough to give downstream while you are shouting do not take a drop, inhuman act.

    1993 MOU says no appreciable harm – that can go all along to even 60% use of our water (look other transboundray water agreements).

    GERD may be reduce the flow net by evaporation about 0.7 Billion m3 per year, while you evaporate in Aswan reservoir 13 Billion m3 per year- sheer greed blind your eyes. Even you do not want to do anything about Jeb Aulia dam in Sudan which daily you monitor only generates 30 MW but evaporate 5 Billion m3/year.

    Regarding the study:

    IPOE: The international panel of experts recommends to the three government to conduct Eastern Nile wide River basin / hydropower simulation studies, and environmental and socioeconomic study, why you omit the words “Eastern Nile Wide Study”, That is a key, the study does not target only GERD, but Rosaries, Sennar, Merowe and High Aswan Dam hydropower generation, all your irrigation systems, your inefficient use of irrigation water, sediment, recession agriculture, fisheries etc, on ground verified data in your country, we see what you do with Nile water, perhaps we may discover that you are selling to Israel or planning to transfer
    to Saudi.

    The study is required only to maximize benefit and minimise any adverse effects all dams may in the Nile system.

    Really there is no need to talk with you, you desire is clear with all ways you are saying Egypt use the Nile Ethiopia watch, as Ethiopian leaders repeatedly, this is the red line for Ethiopia, you knwo what it means.

    • Degu

      Well said folk! Yetemare yigdelegn

  • Endale

    Dear Egyptian, I think the Egyptian politicians are quite confused and unable to cope up with the reality.

    They know there is no legal restrictions in utilizing its own natural resources. The international law bans any state from using its own resources.

    As the 1902 agreement between British and Emperor Minilik is concerned it has melted away with the British colonial rule.

    This argument is valueless and I do not know why Egyptian politician insult the Egyptian people.

    Cooperating with the Nile basin countries will benefit Egypt rather than crying something legally irrelevant and morally harmful for the Egyptian people.

    Are these politician still considering Egypt is not an independent state. That is really shameful.

  • Jasmine

    I understand why some Ethiopians are frustrated with the bullishness and constantly changing response of Egyptian politicians towards the Renaissance Dam, but I don’t see any reason why we have to respond the same way their officials often do by barking and war-mongering on news media. We’ll continue to try to convince Egyptian officials that this is a regionally beneficial project and they have nothing to worry about, we are not diverting the river to some other use rather than for producing electricity and releasing it. They need to understand this because the Nile is as important to them as it it for us. It’s illegitimate, immoral and immature to say to others ‘I will do whatever I want with my river, you can go to hell’ over a shared resource… Central to our argument should be that any transboundary river is a shared resource…no one should take monopoly on it. Egypt has to sign the Entebe Agreement (CFA) that guarantees an equitable share by all riparian countries and drop its futile mantra of ‘no drop of water’. After signing the CFA, Egypt should negotiate to get guaranteed for more water from the upstream states through various compensation mechanisms…[say by investing on agriculture on the upstream(Sudan, Ethiopia) and reducing its own high water demanding cotton and rice productions, invest on upstream water resources management strategies to increase the water flow of the river, or redirect the Nile before entering in to the Mediterranean ocean…some estimates show that can yield up to 15bln m3 per annum!].

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    Mr Tsehaye12, I did not say I hate Egypt or anyone. I do not know where you got all these, just to attack me because you did not like my comment? Wrong, false, I have no hate for any human. You are fabricating yourself and lying and trying to tell me what I am not. I am saying Ethiopia does not need to share the water with anyone but sell it. If you do not agree with these, it is your own problem. Do not tell me something false and does not exist in my heart or soul. Whatever you think only exists in your brain, not in me. Civilization bla bla,… theory. It does not make sense to me what civilization you are talking about . We are talking about a water that is in Ethiopia but used by somebody 3000 KM away. I do not see your civilization of legitimating and approving such fallacious theory of civilization bla bla. Tell that crap civilization theory to somebody else. If you knew your right, you would not have set up panel of experts to get permission from Egypt to use your water. Stay away from me please. Have a good day.

    • dawit

      ante Dikala, yelemaj lij, can you stay away from this website! live the people to exchange their idea! you have been raised by cruel step father, that’s why you barking on everyone! Please let me ask you something in polite manner, can I meet you face to face?? promise I am not going to do anything, just I will cut your fingers and you will not disturb, the people who are speaking rationally and very constructive idea! yemender lij wrgat!! mn abatu ezi ybetebtal! luti !!

  • Egyptian Girl

    I find it hilarious that Ethiopia actually believes this dam will survive 🙂

    • Degu

      Considering Aswan dam has survived for the last six decades, what makes you believe GERD WON’t survive? Of course this dam is the start. More dams will come until Ethiopia tap its 45000 MW electric potential.

    • Habromay Ambesagir

      Ethiopia has built over 5 big dams and dozens of small dams, they are surviving fine. I find it hilarious that Egyptians think they are a superpower. All boast, zero actions. A weak pathetic nation who repeatedly got demolished by Israel, a tiny nation. And by Ethiopia for that matter at first Ethio-egypt´war…we..more
      than…happy..to..kick..ur..fat…camel..herder..behind..once more:)

  • Femhan

    “win win” what is there to win or gain from Egypt. Ethiopian governments in the past and present failed to understand Egypt. we need to teach Egypt a lesson and earn their respect not only building a project (GRD) that protect their interest but diverting the total flow of the river for some years as punishment for acting like a child.

    • Shone

      Emotions aside, i wonder if diversion is technically possible knowning the geography of the river. I mean diverting the river’s total flow.

  • sinte

    concerning the 1902 the so called the 1902 the well known Sudanese

    professor Ali put it as follows

    Second ; was the 1902(May 15th) between the British , the Italians and
    Ethiopia .Article lll states that, “His Majesty the Emperor Menilik,
    Kings of Ethiopia. engages himself towards the Government of His
    Britannic Majesty not to construct or allow to be constructed any works
    across the Blue Nile, Lake Tana or the Sobat, which would arrest the
    flow of their waters except in agreement with His Britannic Majesty’s
    Government and the Government of Sudan,(which was Britain itself
    together with Egypt (the Condominium Agreement-CA) .This agreement was
    never ratified by Ethiopia because the Amharic version gave a different

  • Habromay Ambesagir

    For the most part, Ethiopian officials have so far risen above the fray despite the virulent statements coming out of Egypt. That silence of the Ethiopian officialdom has left the stage to a long line of doomsday observers and experts who are competing with each other in spelling out a dicey moment for the region.

    Far from satisfying the aspirations of the people, the kaleidoscopic of the Egyptian revolution has proven to be a very polarizing and tumultuous political process.

    Unfortunately, the forces that followed the overthrow of the Hosni Mubarak regime: the Muslim Brotherhood and the military junta that deposed it; instead of dealing with the actual political and economic problems, have in lieu, taken up the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GRD) as their monomania.

    Officials of the current regime capriciously pulled out of the tri-lateral (Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan,) negotiation, and start making quixotic demands, thereby creating a vicissitude atmosphere which is breeding all kinds of ant-Ethiopian sentiments in the country (Egypt).

    Consequently, their media is engaged in an extensive campaign of misinformation and distortions not only about the GRD but also about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. In the Egyptian capital; scholar, pundits and talking heads are busy pilling up hogwash conjectures which have no empirical evidence but paint a negative image of Ethiopia. In addition to flaunting their ignorance, some have even declared war.

    In their rendition of the Ethio-Egyptian discord, same western experts and observers are making the constant use of the words “war”, “military strike” and “bombing”, all to the determent of Ethiopia. Keep in mind these are the same experts who at the outset of the election of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, predicted the potential collapse of other states that make up the regions “moderate axis”.

    No doubt, Addis Ababa’s silence has created an ominous back drop that nurtured and multiplied these prophesies. In true, however, Ethiopia’s sober response to the hyperbolic and hallowed propaganda of the Egyptians, demonstrate its confidence and diplomatic maturity.

    It also understands the current ephemeral Egyptian toxic rhetoric is a déjà vu of the Mubarak era posturing to discourage the upper riparian countries from ratifying the Nile Basin cooperative Framework Agreement.

    Moreover, in every aspect of its relationship with Egypt, Ethiopia now finds itself in a relative position of strength. And in the current impasse, it has the backing of all the Nile Basin Countries including Sudan.

    Nevertheless, the Egyptians are performing arduous diplomatic maneuvering, and making rhetorical bombasts and veil threats they cannot and will not carry through.


    1. Here to fore, Egypt has been able to convince western countries and international financial institutions to deny the upper riparian countries much needed finances to develop their hydro resources. But that kind of chicanery is not going to work this time around for a couple of reasons.

    First, the GRD is entirely financed by the government and people of Ethiopia, and is being built, for the most part, by Ethiopian engineers. Second, unlike in the past, Ethiopia’s current global diplomatic clout is on par, if not stronger, than that of Egypt.

    2. Egypt’s obstinate stand and hectoring in defence of archaic colonial treaties makes its case inimical and incongruous with the reality and the interest of the upper basin countries.

    3. Ethiopia’s lucid policy of willingness to accommodate the needs of the lower riparian countries (Egypt and Sudan), and address their concern has been its trump card.


    Another option much talked about by Egyptian pundits and some geriatric officials, and echoed by some westerners is a military action against Ethiopia. Seemingly, the conscious reasoning of those who advance such action point is not in control of their behavior. In other words, for Egypt to poke the lion of Ethiopia would be prohibitively costly. Besides, didn’t they try that before? They did… and it was a colossal failure.


    Hence, we can ascertain Egypt will opt for what has worked in her favor in the past; i.e. engage in a surreptitious war against Ethiopia through proxy. The idea is to weaken Ethiopia by destabilizing and sabotaging its unity. Previously Somalia and to some extent Sudan were the breeding ground of rogue elements willing to do Egypt’s dirty work.

    At Present, that role is assumed by Eritrea which has become a Mecca for all kinds of machination against Ethiopia. True to form, the Eritrean regime is working hard to exploit the Ethio-Egyptian impasse; heaping of fuel on the flame, so to speak.

    As we speak, there is unconfirmed report… Egypt has already started arming Ethiopian rebel groups stationed in Eritrea. Be that as it may, the Egyptians are grasping at straws. The alphabet soup Ethiopian rebel groups in Eritrea have no capacity to even cause a dent in the country’s security. On the other hand, terrorism is a labor intensive profession.

    However, should these groups break the carapace Ethiopian security and commit terrorist act to thwart the country’s peace and development; the ultimate causality of Ethiopia’s reprisal will be Isayas and his Moonies. That would deprive Egypt of its only doormat in the region.


    The reality is, the GRD, to which the national pride is tied to, is Ethiopians’ third rail. Its construction is progressing well and there is nothing Egypt or anyone else can do to roll back that reality.

    Egyptians’ exigent diplomatic shenanigan to sway international opinion against Ethiopia is not going to bear them any fruit. Egypt’s military threat is punching above its waist.

    The only way out of the standoff is for these two giants (Ethiopia and Egypt), with shared historical perspectives and obviously life line is to build closer relationship based on transparency and mutual interest.

    Just before resigning, the last Egyptian Prime Minister, Nabil Fahmy, said something that struck a rather different tone than what the hardliners are spewing. In dealing with Ethiopia, He acknowledged negotiations are arduous and could take years to finalize, and also emphasized there is no other option, but keep talking. That suggests Egypt’s obstructive activity is to leverage a better position in the negotiation table, to see if it could garner some concession from Ethiopia.

    Parallel to the prime minister’s pronouncement, some Egyptian figures proclaimed; the new framework of the Nile Basin Countries, even if not to their liking, is none the less, a good basis for negotiation with Ethiopia.

    Neither the ex-prime minister nor the other elites made these clear statements not out of love for Ethiopia. They have spoken because only diplomatic and peaceful settlement of the issue is vital strategic interest of their country.

    The clear desire to avoid violent conflict is not an aim of Ethiopia only, but also of all regional countries. This can and should become a primary building block for the creation of fruitful relationship not only between tri-patriot countries (Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt), but in synergy of all the Nile Basin Countries.

    What that suggests in practical terms is that Ethiopia is approaching its relationship with Egypt with a large major of justified self-confidence, knowing that it continues to operate from position of strength.

    Prime Minister Hailemariam has, in no uncertain terms, averred, he does not see Egypt as an adversary rather a partner. It is time for Egyptian leadership take that overture seriously and work for mutual advantages through peaceful engagement. It is time, for Egypt to stop promulgating insidious and farcical narratives and proposing sneak oil solutions.

    In the grand scheme of things; despite the warnings of the doomsday prophecies, Ethiopia is right to act with pragmatism. By understanding its relatively strong position, it knows it can go a long way towards safe guarding its own interests as well as serve as a responsible and powerful anchor of sanity in the region.


      well said brother!!!

  • Mebrat Sahile

    Ethiopian, I am the son of Abbay

    Abbay is Nile’s mother

    Egypt is Nile’s daughter

    So Egypt is my sister.

    But, my sister is in agony

    Her sickness is gluttony.

    ‘Don’t drink from Abbay’,

    She dared to say to me

    She is so crazy.

  • Al Masry

    Meaningless remarks not based on facts are waste of time. In Ethiopia, farmers upstream can NOT hold water rights from farmers down stream. everything can be worked out to all parties in civilized nations.

    • Degu

      the “can be” approach has been tried since the establishment of Nile Basin Initiative in 1999. You will see how time flies while as much as 86% Ethiopians have never seen what a light bulb looks like. You will see more than 4 million Ethiopians are still under food handout every year while Egyptians waste water which they never contributed for water intensive agriculture for export purpose, cotton, rice.,..Ethiopia has close 50 million ppl who live around the river contributing more than 80% to the nile. Yet Egyptian politicians assert these people dont have the right to use ‘a single drop of water’. How can you say that such legitimate claims to their river are meaningless remark? In fact,Ethiopia should move from current defensive diplomacy and assert its fair share. Egypt needs 2 learn 2 respect the water that gives its life.

  • Mebrat Sahile

    Ethiopia does not waste time any more. It is building the Great Dam day and night. It will start to generate 700 mgw electric power at the end of 2015. Construction continues to generate 6000 mgw electric power. Still we are doing things based on facts. Abbay is our river. We are drinking it, we are swimming in it. Our cattle drink it and bath in it. This is a fact and right. No one gives this right to us. It was inherently there from the very beginning. It is a real fact. It is a natural right. No one can make the fish not drink the water to which it is an inseparable natural element. You cannot be denied inhaling the air. It is your natural right. Drinking the water of Abbay is a logic of fact and nature. ”Civilized nations” respect natural and human rights. Logic and reasoning are also important to ”work out all” and avoid wastage of time. CAN NOT, CAN NOT, CAN NOT, CAN NOT,… is simply a boring song, unless its supported with reason and justification. Why not the Ethiopian farmer can hold water rights? The FACT is that the Ethiopian farmer has the water, uses the water. It asks no body’s permission. Those who have civility, and understand nature as one system like the water system of the Nile, should understand the concept of cooperation, instead of arrogance and folly.

  • Ethiopia & Egypt 90% but 0%!!!

    Egyptians never mention the 90% Ethiopia’s contribution to the Nile water and the 0% benefit from Nile. They always mention their 95% dependence on Nile. Egypt, the time has come not to depend on others’ resource. Now if you want to use others’ resource, you have to pay for it. Ethiopia has 90% ownership on Nile. Sooner or later Egypt will swallow the bitter reality. Ironically, Egypt was hurting Ethiopia for decades through different ways. Ethiopians will never ever forget the cruelness and mercilessness of Egypt: from poisoning and killing of the late PM Meles Zenawi (as they did for Sudan’s president in 1958) to helping rebels and seceding Eritrea through loss of millions of life. Surprisingly, Egypt still try to play the same game in the 21st century.It doesn’t work now. Egyptians should change their mentality. Learn from previously hostile countries to each other: like US and Japan, US & Vietnam,Ethiopia & Italy…Otherwise Egypt will pay a heavy price for the generation to come. Ethiopia contribute 90% but use 0%; while Egypt use 90% but contribute 0%!!! Amazing Colonial Equation.

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  • Urra

    Egypt’s dream in the Ethiopian Grand renaissance construction can never be realized.
    The Egypt’s traditional share of Nile River must end and Egypt should come down
    to the discussion table instead destabilising east Africa as a whole. Ethiopians
    and Egyptians know each other very well on war front. Behind Ethiopia-Eritrea war,
    Egypt backed Eritrea. The Somalia situation is worsened believed to be due to
    the involvement of Egypt aimed to weaken Ethiopia. Egypt is stupid enough if it
    wants to destabilize Ethiopia. No nation in the world has been using the
    resource does not belong itself as Egypt did on Nile river. If Egyptians can
    think consciously about Nile, it is possible to benefit all nations equally.

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  • yetnayet

    I always confuses with z egyptian politicians. Always talking about outdated treaties, water security, historic right, etc. And they said we support ethiopian development. We know egypt historically were doing all its best to hinder our development. If yhey are true just let they help us complete the dam. Let us benefit together fairly. This time is different no one will stop us building the dam. But we are not selfish to harm egyot. If we want to egypt’s water flow there are many ways to do so. Why our farmers working water shed mangemens in nike basin?

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