Anti-Coup Alliance denounces Saudi Arabia’s support for ‘coup’

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King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (AFP File Photo)
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (AFP File Photo)
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
(AFP File Photo)

By Jake Lippincott

The Anti-Coup Alliance denounced the Saudi Arabian government’s support of “the bloody treacherous coup” in a statement released on Monday.

The Anti-Coup Alliance, also known as the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy, was formed in the aftermath of the July 2013 ouster of Muslim Brotherhood affiliated former president Mohamed Morsi and opposes both the ouster and the military-backed interim government currently ruling the country.

The Saudi government, a longtime critic of the Brotherhood, has supported the interim Egyptian government with aid and loans and, on Friday, issued a decree formally designating the Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

The statement from the Anti-Coup Alliance does not explicitly mention the terrorist designation, but “rejects the latest position of Saudi Arabia” and states that, by supporting the interim government, the Saudis are supporting an “oppressive putschist regime” that is working for the “objectives of the Zionist enemy”.

The alliance further stated that the “peaceful revolution” against an “unjust leader who harasses innocent people, rapes women and attacks places of worship” is always just and is the “best form of Jihad”. It goes on to say that the interim government and its practices “threaten the entire region” and that Alliance’s goals are to “achieve development, freedom and social justice and enable democratic gains,” and not to “interfere with the affairs of other Arab countries.”

The statement closes by saying “we expect that our brothers in Saudi Arabia … will side with the will of the Egyptian people who defend their freedom and not with the oppressive putschist regime.”

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