No current political power will bring back time: Mansour

Mostafa Salem
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Interim president Adly Mansour (AFP Photo)
Interim president Adly Mansour  (AFP Photo)
Interim president Adly Mansour
(AFP Photo)

Interim president Adly Mansour was interviewed Tuesday night at the Presidential Palace where he expressed that the “Republic will not allow any faction to prevent us from reaching our goal”

Adly mansour explained that there are four main policies which are the government’s priorities to allow Egypt to become a free republic. The first is the completion of the 30 June roadmap, the second is the economy, the third is the security and the fourth is education.

The president instated after the ouster of Morsi explained that the roadmap will not be affected and we abide with the timeframe and will continue respecting the timeframes.”

Egypt’s international situation was addressed by the president where he stated that “our real allies have to be reviewed, the foreign ministry has been producing immense efforts regarding our fair situation, it is time for the international community to realize our democratic situation”

Mansour explained that he believes that the current members of government were chosen for their proved competencies.

 Regarding the Ministry of Interior’s current activities, Adly Mansour explained that as a person with a legal background “a rule of law is imperative for the advancement of any republic.

 Commenting on the Morsi regime  Mansour labeled it “as one which had no respect for the Judicial branch [of government] as humiliation was permissible, while the judicial system was accused with baseless accusations.”

Former vice president ElBaradei’s resignation after the Raba’a dispersal was met with condemnation while Mansour explained that  was surprised with the resignation,”I expressed my wish that he wouldn’t have resigned at this critical moment of time”

Speaking of the recent violence in the country the interim president explained that “many are trying to lay obstacles in our path however we, the republic, will not allow anyone to stop us from reaching our goal”

Article 219 of the previous constitution has been the subject of controversy due to religious based parties asking for it to remain untouched. Mansour explained that “As a judge he could not answer anything related to the article 219 prior to reviewing the case, but that as civilian I wish this article does not affect social unity”

 Regarding emergency law Mansour explained that “due to my legal background I hated the application of emergency law however a terrorism wave forced its application” explaining that “if the state’s security returns it will not be extended past the announced month”

Mansour was asked whether there was a chance for reconciliation where he explained that “We have tried again and again for national reconciliation however it was met by refusal”

Mansour stated that 30 June is a completion of the 25 January Revolution. The last regime was as corrupt as the Mubarak regime with a religious appearance and it will not return”

The president stated various economic statistics explaining that inflation is now at 8% with unemployment reaching  13%. Regarding debt, Mansour explained that “Egypt’s foreign debt is currently at 38 billion dollars”

Regarding freedoms Mansour explained that “there have been no civilians referred to military courts while the felony of insulting the president has been terminated to guarantee freedoms”

“The law is applied to those who have breached the law”

The president ended the interview by explaining that the “every person who has committed a crime will be tried, while Egypt’s identity will be preserved”

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