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Echoing emptiness

Where normally throngs of tourists stock up on souvenirs, the shopkeepers now sit quietly among their merchandise.

PHOTO / AFP / Marwan Naamani
PHOTO / AFP / Marwan Naamani

The small streets and alleys of Khan El-Khalili are deserted. Where normally throngs of tourists stock up on souvenirs, the shopkeepers now sit quietly among their merchandise.

The steady decline in tourists visiting the capital has now culminated into a nearly complete absence of foreign visitors since many countries have issued warnings against travel to most areas of Egypt, excluding resorts on the coast.

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  • Alan Cockayne

    I wonder if they regret voting for the MB ?

  • sam enslow

    For a year or more Americans and other Westerners were called immoral bikini wearers and drunkards by the Islamists. No one spoke up for them. Since 30 June and before, the US and other Westerners ahve been called every type of liars, fools, double dealers. Egyptians seem to believe they are the only ones who can be insulted. I believe it will be years before Western tourism returns to Egypt at levels seen perviously. There are no spokesmen in Egypt who say anything positve about the US or West. Tourists and investors go where they are welcome. Egypt is not such a place. Westerners are only welcome for the cash they bring. Every smile received is only, “Buy something from me.”
    The US has spent the last ten years becoming energy independent. They have accomplished this in part, “Why buy oil from people who hate us?” The US foreign policy is being directed away from the Middle East. Other parts of the world offer better opportunities and less hatred. By the way, the,” We hate the US government but love the people.” doesn’t fly.
    An honest disagreement would not cause so many probkems, but the constant lies told by Egyptians politicians, journalists, clerics, etc. that go unanswered by other Egyptians have done their job. We shall soon be going our separate ways. I hope the final parting can be done with less hatred, but I doubt it.

    • Sam Boulis

      Well Sam, it is what it is!

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