Al-Nour Party proposes ‘national reconciliation commission’

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Al-Nour has a responsibility to the nation to participate in national dialogue. (Photo : Public Domain)
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By Mahitab Assran

The Salafi Al-Nour Party issued a statement Monday asking for the creation of a “national reconciliation commission” to be composed of “experts universally trusted by the Egyptian people.”

The national reconciliation commission would act as a mediator between former president Mohamed Morsi and former opposition, creating a “true feeling of reconciliation”. The council will also be responsible for forming a new roadmap that will be approved by all political groups and by the armed forces.

According to the statement, Al-Nour Party “unwillingly submitted to the management of the armed forces to prevent further bloodshed, but this was in vain,” they said, “given the film of the armed forces firing live ammunition on peaceful protesters in front of the Republican Guard headquarters.”

The statement added that interim president Adly Mansour had acted alone in “dictatorship” in his dissolution of the Shura Council, accusing him of bias towards a political faction that “isn’t supported by the people.”

The statement also mentioned that the constitutional decree draft sent to the party had “significantly contradicted” what was agreed upon in a previous meeting with Mansour.

Al-Nour Party announced early Monday its withdrawal from the transitional roadmap laid down by the armed forces, following clashes at the Republican Guard that left 51 dead and hundreds injured.

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