Lawyers file corruption lawsuit against judges

Luiz Sanchez
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A lawsuit has been filed by several lawyers, including Ragia Omran, against several judges on charges of corruption during the 2005 parliamentary election. According to a document sent from Shayfeencom, the election monitoring group, 22 people, including judges, stand accused of rigging the 2005 parliamentary election.

The lawsuit is being filed by the Al-Akl Al-Arabi Centre for Law and Freedoms and Human Rights and other lawyers who have collaborated on gathering the evidence.

Ahmed Hafez, the Executive Director at Shayfeencom, said the lawsuit was first filed in 2005 but was summarily dismissed. The new lawsuit was filed last week to the minister of justice and the lawyers have yet to receive a response from the ministry.

“The importance of this lawsuit is that it informs whoever is monitoring future elections that fraud and election rigging are not acceptable,” Hafez said.

According to the statement, the lawyers have called on Prosecutor General Tala’at Abdallah to give his testimony and to submit any papers he may have acquired when he was Secretary General of the fact-finding commission tasked with investigating allegations of fraud in 2005. Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki was also called to testify in his previous capacity as chairman of the fact-finding committee.


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