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New in the movies

Here is our pick of what is new in the cinemas this weekend

the-last-exorcism-part-2-posterThe Last Exorcism Part II

In order to milk it further, people in Hollywood decided to extend the twitching and the clenching of character Nell Sweetzer. Fans of devils, crosses and a whole lot of stiff muscles, you have found your calling. It is really depressing that despite all the technology and sophistication of the modern day the 1973 movie, The Exorcist, remains the most terrifying and the best made.

“The Last Exorcism Part II belongs to a flourishing genre you could call terror tease. Devoid of nudity, gore and obscene dialogue, PG-13 films like the Paranormal Activity series and the first Last Exorcism eschew graphic violence for mood and minor scares — perfect for Friday-night mall outings without Mom and Dad. If only they gave you more to think about,” said Andy Webster of New York Times.

Rotten Tomatoes gave it a star, which we suspect is one too many.        



Croods_1-SheetThe Croods

Dreamworks returns with another animation film, this time about an era no one has seen. Think prehistoric. The trailer seems interesting enough and the characters are, as always, cheek-pinching cute, nothing like you would imagine a pre-historic person to be. Unkempt, smelly fur anyone? The storyline stretches the limits of the characters as they venture outside the cave. Plato, step aside. Dreamworks has it now.After smashing the box office in the UK and US, the film shows a lot of promise.

As with animation trends these days (thankfully, a trend we love), the focus is on the girl character, Eep, voiced by Emma Stone. According to Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post: “The Croods is also just good, goofy fun, for a generation too young to have met Bamm-Bamm. But for those of more precocious intellects, it offers a little something extra to chew on besides rock-smacking slapstick and a brontosaurus burger.”            
Jews of Egypt

posterAfter battling Homeland Security and finally winning, Jews of Egypt makes it to the cinemas.

The film follows the exodus of Egyptian Jews in the 1950s and conducts several interviews with Egyptian Jews who are living abroad. The documentary tackles a subject that few talk about or address.

It is worth it just to see what Homeland Security deemed “too risky” for the security of the homeland.

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