Thirty-three contractors hired to move and collect trash in Giza

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The Giza Cleansing and Beautification Authority (GCBA) has recently hired 33 contractors in the Amrania district in Giza to move and collect trash in exchange for EGP 1 per apartment visited, to be paid at the end of each month.

Ali Abd al-Rahman, the Giza governor, said the move came as part of a series of measures looking to help stabilise the district, preserve its social order, and help protect the source of income for many of its residents.

The district would be broken up into 33 regions, with each contractor assigned a region and charged with collecting garbage there.

He added that the new measure would not increase the burden on citizens or require that they change their daily lives.

Abd al-Rahman added that contractors would be allowed to sift through, use and/or recycle any garbage collected.

The GCBA will be tasked with transporting all trash acquired through the contractors to a new handling station constructed underneath the Marioutia Bridge. It will then transport all the garbage to one of Egypt’s numerous primary landfills.

He went on to say that a taskforce will be created to monitor and review the work of contractors, in order to make sure that services were improved for citizens.




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