Sexual abuse in Suez

Daily News Egypt
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By Hassan Ghaneema

Attorney General of Suez Ahmed Abdel Halim referred Sheikh Yasser Hussein, 43, to the Criminal Court of Suez on Wednesday. Hussein is accused of raping and sexually abusing more than 20 children during Quranic memorisation lessons.

The sheikh was arrested when he was found in a car with a child in the area of Houd Al-Dars, where many complaints have been filed against him. After investigations the prosecutor decided to renew Hussein’s detention several times before Wednesday’s decision was implemented.

In July former MP for the Salafi Al-Nour Party Ali Wanis received a suspended sentence and an EGP 1,000 fine for committing an “indecent sexual act.” Wanis was arrested in June after being found in a car with a 22 year old student, while performing sexual acts. The young woman, who Wanis claimed was his niece, received an EGP 500 fine. Wanis had claimed that the charges were false and an attempt to ruin his reputation and that of the Salafi movement.

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