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The exception to the norm

From the eyes of Muslims overseas, we explore personal experiences

Islamic Lantern (Photo by Bishoy Beshara)
Islamic Lantern (Photo by Bishoy Beshara)

Muslims across the globe are currently celebrating Ramadan, from the cold northern expanse of Denmark where the days are long and the sun overstays its welcome, to the harsh and unyielding deserts of the Middle East where summer has firmly taken root and the sun stands atop the skies, testing man. It is one thing to be immersed in a culture that largely shares the same beliefs; it is another matter entirely to be the exception to the norm. The teachings of Islam are passed, adapted and applied to meet the needs of those who fast. How does one cope with the act of fasting when the society around you, respecting Ramadan as they may, is not a part of this tradition? From the eyes of Muslims overseas, we explore personal experiences which give shape to the trials and struggles, the joy and sense of belonging that is intricately woven into the very fabric of Ramadan.

Niveen Khalil writing from USA


Ajmal Haniftahmas writing from the Netherlands


Yasmine Farahat writing from Canada


Moustafa El-Fayomee writing from Denmark


Rifky Ishak Tayeb writing from Indonesia


Samia Messaoudi writing from France


Nader Torki writing from the United Arab Emirates



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