Suggestions Committee to submit final draft of the constitution’s economic chapter

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By Wafa Abdelbary

The Suggestions Committee in the Constituent Assembly will finalise the economic chapter of the new constitution Wednesday.

Dr Mohamed Mahsoub, a member of the Al-Wasat Party’s Governing Body and the Constituent Assembly, has said that the Suggestions Committee will soon complete outlining the economic chapter, stressing that it will focus equality of an equitable distribution with wealth among all citizens, specifying a particular economic system.

Mahsoub said that the Drafting Committee received finalised articles from several secondary committees, particularly those with regard to rights and freedoms, and the amended articles from the 1971 constitution.

Committees also added guarantees that were not included in any former Egyptian constitution, ones that focus on issues such as insurance, social security, women’s rights, family planning, environmental protection, food safety regulations, and official oversight of medical products.

Sobhy Saleh, a member of the Constitutional Amendments Committee and a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that the assembly is currently preparing the general structure for the constitution after receiving articles from sub-committees, adding that the Suggestions Committee will complete the economy chapter of the constitution and present it to the Drafting Committee by week’s end.

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