Grand Mufti warns of civil war

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CAIRO: Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa called for protecting the country from schemes that could descend it into a civil war, saying that the incidents in Imbaba’s threaten Egypt’s future.

In his meeting with Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Egypt Ahmed Abdel Aziz Al-Qattan, Gomaa said that Egypt is facing a serious challenge that must be confronted with the law. He called for swift legal action against those targeting Egypt’s safety and stability.

Gomaa stressed that the Egyptian people will not allow anyone to infiltrate its unity, calling for a powerful stance against what he described as “chaos.”

He also called on international and local media to actively contribute to ending sectarian strife.

The Grand Mufti said that harmony between Christians and Muslims was and always will be what distinguishes Egypt from other countries and that Egyptians should maintain their national unity.

On his part, Al-Qattan highlighted the strong relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, saying Egypt is undergoing a tough challenge that he is confident it can overcome.


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