CIFF recommended movies for Wednesday

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The Flowers of Rowan
Directed by: Alyona•Semenova/Alexander•Smirnov.
Starring: Konstantin Milovanov, Elizaveta Arzamasova and Denis Sukhomlinov.

Synopsis: The flowers of rowan are delicate and fragile and bloom for less than 10 days. The same appeared to the lives of the young girls who were sent to clear bombs left after World War II on the fields of northern Russia. They were young, their lives were in bloom and their hearts were longing for love. Marusya was a promising artist. Polina, a young widow, was learning to live without her beloved. But destiny had its own plans for their lives. It prepared for each girl her own waltz on the battle field.
Screening at: Artistic Creativity Center, 4 pm.

Love, Bitter
Directed by: A. Taner Elhan.
Starring: Cansu Dere, Halit Ergenç and Ezgi Asaro?lu.

Synopsis: Orhan, who works as a literature professor at a university in Eskisehir unexpectedly ends his relationship with Ay?e whom he was planning to marry, and comes to Istanbul where he meets Oya. After living possibly the happiest days of his life with Oya, Orhan finds himself in the midst of a challenging love triangle.
Screening at: Cairo Opera House’s Small Theater, 3:30 pm.

Operation Danube
Directed by: Jacek Glomb.
Starring: Magda Bieganska, Przemyslaw Bluszcz and Jan Budar.

Synopsis: In 1968, Czechoslovakia is on the verge of a revolution, and Polish troops are sent into the country to put down the insurgence. Romek is a Polish soldier who has been having an affair with the wife of his commanding officer. While Romek believes the officer is unaware of the infidelity, he senses that his cover has been blown when he’s assigned to roll across the Czech border in a broken-down old tank that barely runs. As Romek and his comrades make their way into Czechoslovakia, they get lost.
Screening at: City Stars cinema, 11 am.

Five Minutes of Heaven
Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel.
Starring: Liam Neeson, James Nesbitt and Anamaria Marinca.

Synopsis: In February, 1975, in Northern Ireland, seventeen year-old UVF member Alistair Little kills the catholic Jimmy Griffin in his house in Lurgan in front of his younger brother Joe Griffin. Alistair is arrested and imprisoned for twelve years while Joe is blamed by his mother for not saving his brother. Thirty-three years later, a TV promotes the meeting of Alistair and Joe in a house in River Finn, expecting the truth and the reconciliation of the murderer and the victim who actually seeks five minutes of heaven.
Showing at: City Stars cinema, 1:30 pm.



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