Opposition seeks constitutional conformity with human rights

Essam Fadl
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CAIRO: The main opposition parties formed a new legislative committee to draft a law extracting legislations that contradict with human rights.

The civil society organizations agreed that 2008 witnessed the highest rate of human rights violations. In accordance, the democratic alliance of the four opposition parties; El-Tagammu, El-Wafd, El-Nassery and the Democratic Front, aim at filtering Egyptian laws of articles that are anathema to human rights principles.

“It has become urgent to remove the laws that have become a part of Egypt’s legislation, which contradict with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Refaat El-Said, head of the leftist party El-Tagammu, told Daily News Egypt.

El-Said also pointed out that human rights violations reached unprecedented levels throughout last year.

General Secretary of Al-Wafd party, Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour, accused the Egyptian government of robbing its citizen of their rights adding that Egypt doesn’t respect human rights.

“We will start drafting the new legislation with the help of civil society organizations and our members in parliament will present it as soon as possible, Abdel Nour said.

“Egyptian citizens’ rights, more than in any other country, are neglected, Osama El Ghazaly Harb, head of the Democratic Front party, said.

General Secretary of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Hafez Abu Saeda further explained that the government’s crackdown on the opposition and its obstructing of its communication with the people leads to human rights abuses. “The emergency law that was put into place since 1981 gives authorities the green light for arrests and torture, Abu Saeda said.

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