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Shopping for gifts this holiday season? Here are some suggestions fora few of the Americans we ve gotten to know so well this year:

Barack Obama: He ll begin his presidency with an economic emergency and two wars. 2009 will be a difficult year for the US and 2010 won t be much easier. How about a calendar that reminds him that good things are ahead, skips over the tough times entirely and just starts in 2011?

Sarah Palin: She was the little-known governor of Alaska until suddenly becoming John McCain s running-mate and an international celebrity. The campaign is over, but Palin still seems fond of her new fame. What do you get her? She needs a new, more important state with nice clothes and TV networks. How about New York?

John McCain: McCain ran a spirited campaign, defended an unpopular incumbent, and promised victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, he was overshadowed by both Obama and Palin. Now, he seems to have disappeared completely. How about giving him a spotlight so he doesn t have to stand in anyone s shadow ever again?

Hillary Clinton: She wanted the presidency badly and she may still want it. She ll have to start planning. While we re shopping for calendars, don t just skip the next two years, drop Obama s entire term and get her a calendar that starts in 2013. She might need another one if he serves until 2017.

Illinois: With Obama leaving his job as a senator for Illinois, his home state reverts to its old reputation, for colorful corruption. The latest example is state Governor Rod Blagojevich. By law, he has the power to appoint Obama s successor in the Senate, without an election. The governor is accused of planning to secretly sell the job. Three of the last seven Illinois governors have gone to jail. The current governor may join them. Best present for the next one: a lawyer on retainer, ready for trouble.

America: Many people all across the globe have been disappointed in the US in recent years. This country is determined to do things that the whole world can believe in. If you want to give something to America, give it another chance.

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