Islam Badr's case postponed to Dec. 20

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: The Alexandria Criminal Court adjourned to Dec. 10 the trial of the 23-year-old mathematics teacher accused of kicking 11-year-old Islam Badr in the stomach, which led to the student’s death.

The court is taking this time to examine the defense lawyer’s demands.

The defense lawyer demanded the testimony of several people including Minister of Education Youssry Al-Gamal, and ministry official Gamal Moawad.

He also asked that Badr’s school principle and deputy, as well as his teachers and colleagues be present to testify in court, a close source to Badr’s family told Daily News Egypt.

Dr Ahmed Sadek, who conducted the first medical exam on Badr in Al-Quds medical center, and the receptionist at Sharq Al-Madina hospital, where Badr was taken next, are also on the defense lawyer’s list of witnesses.

The judge adjourned the trial before the prosecution got a chance to present its case.

In support of Badr, a crowd gathered outside the courtroom while the trial was in session.

The tragic story made headlines last month and caused a public outcry against corporal punishment in schools. El-Gamal condemned “the school violence phenomenon that reached its peak [with Badr’s death].

Deputy Minister Reda Abou Serei told the press that the Education Ministry will continue to follow up on this incident and has sent a decree to all schools prohibiting the use of violence.

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