Hair-oscope: The mane makes the (Wo)man

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Mark Twain once said that clothes make the man. Little did he know that one day hair would also make a difference.

There’s a reason why hair is also called “headdress. It has become the newest acquisition with which to express yourself. “Acquisition? you may ask. Yes. Extensions, the latest haircut and the seasonal highlights are, at the end of the day, acquisitions. This is especially true for women, who often end up walking out of the hairdresser with a new haircut and a bill of up to LE 300 or LE 400.

People are judged by their hairstyle as much as they are sized up by their choice of clothes. In a country like Egypt, where many women cover their beautiful manes under headscarves, women express themselves with the colors of their scarves and the different ways to tie them.

Hair says a lot about the person, and here’s what we are hearing: Long, straight, dark hair: Many Egyptian women straighten their beautiful waves or curls because they think straight hair looks more organized and presentable. They tend to be quite skilled at blow drying or ironing those untamable curls. Since this takes a while to accomplish, their partners are often kept waiting patiently. These women know they are beautiful with their long, straight dark hair, which is featured in practically every hair product commercial. This awareness makes them elegant, strong, confident women who know exactly what they want.

Blonde (all styles): Blond Egyptian women are a rarity, and they stand out wherever they go. They are constantly being mistaken for a foreigner and often struggle to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible. At night however, blondes tend to go all out. Some tend to become timid after dealing with the daily harassment by tourist touts and shop vendors, which takes on a different form when they go out at night. They are often mistaken as arrogant when all they really are is shy. Therefore, approach this species of women knowing that the first impression is not necessarily the right one.

Once you make the effort to get to know them better, get ready to have a lot of fun.

Dark and curly, long or short: Women who sport their natural hairstyle and don’t shy away from showing their curls often have quirky, lively personalities. Just like their bouncy, frizzy curls, these women bounce through life, keeping everyone around them on their toes. Most probably they are active and slightly disorganized, which makes every minute with them a little adventure. Women with curls have a wash-and-go mentality and tend to be low maintenance, which means they’re ready to explore new adventures.

They way men wear their hair can also hint at aspects of their personality.

Despite popular belief, they are not simple beings when it comes to style.

Some drown their hair with gel, others sport a short military cut. Here is a briefing on what men’s hair says about their lifestyle:

Gelled: High maintenance, might take longer getting ready than you do.

No gel: Easy going, prefers low-maintenance women.

Military cut: Gets ready in mere minutes and will probably expect the same from you. Longer hair, irregular cut: Willing to experiment, doesn’t care too much about outward appearances as long as you are unique – which, of course, we all are.

No matter how superficial it may seem to judge people by their hairstyle, we all know first impressions make a difference and hair can alter your appearance. Still, there is an exception to every rule and beneath every hair is a person worth getting to know.

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