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Leading a healthy life requires a well-rounded nutritious diet and an exercise plan to be followed regularly. However, as any hardworking professional or student knows, this lifestyle needs time and energy, which is sparse in the hustle and bustle of life in Cairo.

In a fast-paced world where Cairo’s traffic makes getting anywhere a mental workout, often the nine-to-fiver or full-time student feels like going to the gym is mission impossible.

Working out with a friend can make the task seem less tedious. An exercise partner can make it easier to work up enough energy to hit the gym. Partners can motivate you when you are feeling sluggish, and a fun game of tennis or football with friends doesn’t actually feel like a workout.

With that in mind, runners in Cairo who have found it difficult to maintain their daily exercise routine will be happy to hear that there is a small but growing running club currently welcoming new members. The membership fee is simply a passion for running.

Advertising their runs on sites like, the Cairo Running Group is open to everyone with an interest in running and eating. An eclectic mélange of members comprise the laid-back athletic group that meets once a week, usually on Fridays. Members speak a host of languages and one can even say that foreigners can attend the weekly runs to better both their abs and their Arabic.

Different levels and speeds are accommodated, with the fastest running an 8 to 8 and a half-minute mile (or approximately a 5-minute kilometer) and the slower walking or jogging intermittently throughout the run, averaging a 10- to 12-minute mile.

Worth a mention is that there’s food involved too. The runs – which vary in time depending on individual preference – are usually followed by a breakfast in which all participants are asked to contribute.

Breakfasts are usually simple but nutritious, enjoyed in a shared family style. It includes breads and cheeses, fruit and juice – home-cooked food is always a plus. It is a great opportunity to sit down with your exercise partners and share a meal.

The Maadi-based group commences runs at about 6:30 am every Friday and the group usually takes off from the Cairo American College, Road 213.

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