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Reem Nafie
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CAIRO: As a means to expand the postal infrastructure in Egypt, the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) announced the establishment of the first integrated pan-Arab post network under the auspices of the Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers.

The postal network is expected to act as an umbrella under which Arab postal organizations cooperate to develop the sector and contribute to on-going socioeconomic development among the member states in the network.

“A key objective to the establishment of the network is to develop and encourage mutual investments in the Arab post sector. This, in turn, will help provide postal services among Arab and non-Arab countries efficiently and at convenient prices, Alaa Fahmy, ENPO Chairman, said.

Another purpose is to establish an Arab common market capable of competing in global markets and setting socio-economic development strategies in the member countries, he added.

The network project makes use of the geographical location in offering logistical solutions and putting into action the agreements signed among member Arab countries.

The project will also help put future strategies to refresh mail and financial services, while making use of e-commerce applications and state-of-the-art technologies.

The mechanisms of carrying out the project depend on a number of tracks that include organizing a periodic international forum to demonstrate the Arab experiences in the postal sector. This step also encompasses holding bilateral and multilateral meetings besides organizing any required actual and virtual workshops where experiences and views can be exchanged.

A database for the Arab post sector will also be designed to help empower the decision-making process and formulate the strategic guidelines of the network and its member countries.

Online forums will also be developed to facilitate information exchange among the member countries and pave the way for the private sector and civil organizations to take part in the activities of the post sector.

Egypt Post is also trying to foster its relationship with African countries, through hosting a two-day plenipotentiary conference, marking the 7th ordinary session of the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) on June 28 and 29. The conference was preceded by a meeting of technical committees and an administrative council that lasted five days.

Ministers of communication, heads of postal administrations and postal stakeholders inside and outside the African continent discussed postal issues, challenges facing their postal sectors and how to overcome them, as well as cooperation among African countries.

Egypt was elected head of the 7th ordinary session by 28 member states, including Tunisia, South Africa, Chad, Zambia, Nigeria and Kenya.

During the conference, Fahmy stressed on the importance of cooperating with African countries, especially in developing human resources in the postal sector, which will initiate more growth in the sector.

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