Woman tries to attack husband with sulfuric acid in court

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CAIRO: The wife of a convicted violent criminal from Al-Gamalia was arrested as she attempted to take revenge on him by dousing him in sulfuric acid.

Her planned attack was in retaliation for permanent damage done to her face when he violently assaulted her on a previous occasion. She was arrested while waiting for him to come out of the courtroom, in which he was being tired for the assault on his wife.

South Cairo Court guards detected a bottle containing the acid concealed beneath the woman’s clothes as she waiting in the corridor. She was arrested and confessed the details of her plan.

First Assistant Interior Minister for Cairo Security Directorate Maj. Gen. Ismail Al-Shair referred her to the Prosecution Office, which initiated an investigation.

Khadra Al-Sayed claims she was pressured into marriage with the man, Walid Magdi, 25, who had previously been charged with 22 charges involving drugs and violent crime. She claims the wedding reception was held amid thugs and jailbirds in Al-Gamalia.

Once married, the woman’s life turned into a private hell, in which she suffered severe beatings. In order to defend herself, she decided to learn martial arts.

The first confrontation between them caused the wife a permanent injury in the face. She filed a complaint at the police station, accusing him of beating her.

Assistant Interior Minister for Cairo Investigation Department Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdel-Jawwad arrested the husband and she left her husband s house and returned to her family s home, where she plotted her revenge.

The prosecution office initiated an investigation and decided to refer him to the court.

But the young wife did not wait for a court to give its ruling against her husband and resolved to take matters into her own hands. On the day of the court hearing, she hid a bottle of sulfuric acid under her clothes and waited in the corridor of the court for his arrival in a police vehicle.

Noticing her confused gestures, South Cairo Court s Guard Chief Col.

Mahmoud Al-Sobki intercepted her and ordered her to show what she was hiding.

On being questioned, she pretended that she attended to support her husband and that she was carrying a detergent bottle, which she bought to clean her house.

The bottle, which turned out to be full of sulfuric acid, was seized.

After being interviewed by Director of Cairo Investigation Department Maj.

Gen. Amin Ezzieddin, the woman admitted that she had planned to throw the bottle at her husband.

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