Zamalek charge Zaki with misconduct
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CAIRO: Zamalek club held a hearing Monday to investigate the brawl that took place between striker Amr Zaki and football director Ayman Mansour.

Zamalek enjoyed a calm morning practice session, their first after Zaki and Mansour engaged in a scuffle on Sunday.

Zaki had accused Mansour of assaulting him after Sunday’s training session.

Mansour was harsh on me during the session. I was tired and went to the dressing room but he insulted and even punched me, Zaki told

Mansour was unreachable for comment.

Zamalek decided to interrogate the Whites’ striker as he has been charged of misconduct.

A statement published on the club’s official website said that Zaki had been undisciplined during the past period and that he should answer his charges very soon.

The 24-year-old forward will train solely until Sunday, when he will be under investigation by the club.

A prominent Zamalek player, who was an eye witness for the incident, said that Zaki s laziness in Sunday s training triggered the conflict.

Zaki seemed to be idle in training, apparently he did not want to train, the player, who preferred not to mention his name told

Eventually, Zaki went to the dressing room and Mansour followed him before we heard noise from there and the players had to interfere.

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