Jose issues an apology to Ahly's fans over Al-Hodoud incident
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CAIRO: Portuguese coach Manuel Jose issued a statement on Sunday apologizing for his unsporting behavior during Ahly s Egyptian League match against Harras Al-Hodoud on Friday.

Jose was ejected from the game for his inappropriate objection over referee Nasser Abbass in the 73rd minute.

The Ahly manager was so frustrated by the decisions of referee Abbass against his players that he actually began to strip on the sidelines.

“After rethinking my actions in Friday’s game, which were a result of the severe injustice on behalf of the referee towards my players, I believe that they were highly inappropriate, read Jose’s statement.

“I issue my apology to Egypt’s fans in general and Ahly s fans in specific for my actions.

Jose’s outburst was completely unexpected, especially that his side was up three goals. Flavio Amado later scored another goal and Ahly went on to win the game 4-0.

“I completely disregarded the fact that I’m working in a country where such values are of more significance than my own (Portugal). At the end of the day, I have to respect such values, he added.

Jose did, however, remain defiant about his right to voice his frustration when seeing his players falling prey to prejudice on part of referees.

“I reacted this way because I’m fed up with the way Ahly s players are treated on the pitch. They get no protection from referees.

“Ahly s players have continuously been subjected to rough play from opponents who deliberately hurt them and terrorize them on the pitch, and the result, we had 10 players who had to undergo various surgeries this season, said Jose.

“I was out of words, so I thought that I’d just gesture my feelings, he added.

The Portuguese tactician also insisted that he will continue to “defend the interest of his club and players under any circumstances .

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