Book fair's highlights

Daily Star Egypt Staff
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Seminar: Civil society and development. 1 pm, 6th of October hall.

Seminar: Peaceful applications of nuclear reactors. 3 pm, 6th of October hall.

Seminar: Europe, Christianity and Islam: A 14 century old relationship. 12 pm, Italian Culture Center.

Seminar: Italian and Egyptian writers face to face. Attended by: Claudio Magris, Gamal Al-Ghitany and Akeel Almarai.

Musical concert: The Italian strings quartet Mantegna. 8 pm, Gomhoreya theatre.

Cinematic Seminar: Awlad El Shawrae cast and crew. Attended by: Hanan Turk, Maha Abou Ouf, Raga El Gidway and director Sherine Adel. 7 pm, hall # 16.

Story discussion: Blue Chair at the End of the Corridor by Asmaa Yasine. 1 pm Tent # 2.

Film Screening: Certi bambini A Children s Story. Directed by: Antonio Frazzi. 8.30 pm, Italian Cultural Center.

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