Cairo International Film Festival: Today's highlights

Daily Star Egypt Staff
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The Road (China)The ticket controller Li is a little ray of sunshine to the passengers of the rural bus line, for with every ticket she also sells a smile, which outshines some mishaps and shortcomings. Everybody loves her; including the much older bus driver Master Cui in his own silent, reserved way. When it almost seems that her whole life will continue like this – a bus ride without ups and downs – she meets the love of her life: Liu, a doctor from Shanghai. One look and all of a sudden Li s life is ruled by passion and sexual desire. Until one day she gives in to temptation; but the prudish Chinese society of the 70 s punishes her for this brief sexual encounter.

Good News4 pm Bosta (Lebanon)Set in Lebanon, the film features, some of the most popular actors, dancers, choreographers in the Arab world. It is the first post-war Lebanese musical with contemporary Middle Eastern, and more precisely Lebanese rhythms, such as the Dabke dance, which is at the foreground of the Lebanese national folklore. It is also the first Lebanese film to be entirely funded by private Lebanese investors. This represents a breakthrough in terms of production because Lebanese films, like in most countries in transition, rely mainly on western cultural funds. Nile City1:30 pm Bal-Can-Can (Italy/Macedonia/UK)A Macedonian military deserter and his Italian blood-brother are searching for a dead grandmother wrapped up in a stolen carpet, all over the Balkan s criminal underworld.

Stars 27 pm

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