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Whether you like the crowds or quiet, this summer s beaches offer both

NORTH COAST, Alexandria: The lake coast at Marina s seventh gate is the new hottest beach this summer. The long extended beach across the lake is a mixture between greenery and sand.

The entrance via Marina’s seventh gate, which commonly known as Bobbos in reference to the manager of the jet ski rental at the beach, is free of charge. It makes you wonder if indeed the best things in life are free.

The increasing popularity of the place, as opposed to private beaches in previous years, make you think that the Marinists have dumped the 5-star beaches and felt nostalgic for the old days of the free of charge beach Nady El-Saiarat (The Automobile Club).

There seems to be a collective decision to head to this remotely located public beach. It could be because the private beaches either cost too much or are getting overcrowded. Regardless, Bobbos beach has become the new place to be seen. On the weekends, you are likely to bump into your childhood and college friends and extended family members. But it is not picture perfect. After years of frequenting private beaches that provide music and a range of caterers to their visitors, Bobbos beach may be a disappointment for some.

If you have a craving for a cup of cappuccino, an ice Coke, or a fruity smoothie to cool off from the summer heat, there is nothing in the area that could satisfy you. Except for the traditional fresca (traditional wafer-style biscuits) vendors, snacks are not an option. If you hang out long enough, the hunger will urge you to leave. Moreover, it would be a problem if you forget your towel at home because there are no comfy sand beanbags or benches to sit on. But what do you expect? It is free after all.

If you still favor private beaches, head to these:


Cuba Cabana

Description: Situated at a roundabout that overlooks Marina Gate Five Lake, the place also features a pool surrounded by a special type of grass that doesn t get muddy. There are different types of seating areas including one for those not looking for a swim.

Why you should go: You don t have to leave the pool to smoke shisha; it can be served to you while you are in it. And you don t have to bring towels because the place offers them to its visitors.

Entrance: Ticket prices start at LE 75


Description: This new posh hangout reminds you of fashion TV parties or a Far-Eastern spa. With its bamboo décor and its music selection, you feel that you are in an exotic place.

Why you should go: The lavishly designed pool, the water pipe “shisha and the overall tropical atmosphere are Tahiti s best features.

Entrance: Membership costs LE 250

La Plage

Description: It is more like a beach park with swings, hammocks, shops, and a wide variety of coffee shops and fast food restaurants that offer coffee, fizzy drinks, fries, snacks and meals.

Why you should go: The place is spacious and with its loud chill out and dance music. There are dancing competitions and a gym if you want to work out.

Entrance: Membership costs LE 250 for August.


Description: The women-only beach features a variety of clothes and accessories shops, restaurants and coffee shops, and small scale beauty salons offering henna tattoos. The seating is comfortable with beanbags, beach benches and hammocks for utmost relaxation. There is even a special dancing place.

The beach has a gym as well as aerobics and belly dancing classes.

Why you should go: For veiled women who are longing for a swim in the sea, this is the place to go.

Entrance: Membership costs LE 200 for August

La Femme

Description: With a relatively small coastline, this beach is also exclusive to women. The seating is basic compared to other beaches with minimal beanbags. But like its counterpart, there is music and a variety of shops, restaurants, coffee shops and beauty-related services. There are also activities specially tailored to children

Why you should go: If you are not a fan of the sea, La Femme also features a spacious pool. Due to the distribution of visitors between the beach and the pool, the place is never overcrowded.

Entrance: Tickets cost LE 50 on week days and LE 75 on weekends. Membership costs LE 500 for the whole summer.

North Coast

Costa del Sol

Description: Located few kilometers east to Marina, the place offers the same services as the crowded popular compound with the same refined visitors.

Why you should go: if you are looking for less crowds and consequently less noise, this is the place to go. The beach has music, cafes and offers shisha.

Entrance: By invitation by one of the residents of the compound.


Description: It is traditional beach, for those who want to relax and have some peace of mind without luxurious options of private beaches.

Why you should go: The crowd is different from Marina s; it s more like a closed society of Egypt s elite.

Entrance: By invitation by one of the residents of the compound. Agami

La Plage

Description: The previously Caribbeano beach is now called La Plage. Having the same owner as La Plage Marina, the place is a replicate of its North Coast version. Although the crowd s average age is relatively younger than that of Marina s beach, the place is quieter. You can enjoy chill-out, R&B and Buddha Bar music.

Why you should go: You can enjoy chill-out, R&B and Buddha Bar music.

Entrance: It is free, all you have to do is bring a photo and write your name and phone number to get a membership.


Description: Located in Shahr Al-Assal Street, the beach was named Oxygen for a reason; it features revolutionary oxygen equipment that increases the oxygen percentage in the air.

Why you should go: Renew your body and soul; we all need a healthy atmosphere after all.

Entrance: Membership costs LE 200






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