Reacting to the U.S.-Iranian standoff

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CAIRO: According to United States President George W. Bush, a diplomatic solution would be the ideal way of solving the Iranian nuclear standoff, which has continuously escalated over the past few months.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has stated that Iran is continuing its nuclear fuel enrichment in defiance of the UN Security Council, and U.S. and European members of the Council are using the report as a weapon for an immediate response, while China and Russia have urged caution.

The Arab world, however, is divided over the issue. The Daily Star Egypt took to the streets to gauge people’s opinions on the issue.

Nuclear energy is the future. Each major power has its own energy source and it develops by developing that source. We do not have equality in the region because Israel is the only country that owns this technology; it also has it for military reasons. The U.S. and Israel are getting benefits of this inequality so they are objecting to Iran having nuclear technology, even for peaceful reasons.Abdoul-Rahman, dentist

I can t understand why Egypt signed the agreement that prevent us from having nuclear weapons while Israel didn’t. I think Iran should have a nuclear weapon. Iran is the only country in the region that can face America.Azza, housewife

Iran only cares about its political agenda. Yes, having nuclear technology will add some equality to the region, but this will not be for the glory of Arabs or the glory of Islam. It will be only for Iran. It is normal to find the U.S. and Israel rejecting Iranian ambition but what I can t understand is why some Arab countries are not comfortable with it? Mahmoud, student

I think Iran is playing it very smartly. The U.S. will not strike against Iran as they are already stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. also knows that Iran is supported by Russia. It is the perfect time to make its dream come true. So America will object and try to create a huge propaganda campaign against Iran but will not make any military strike.Ahmad, engineer

The U.S. loves playing the role of international policeman. I do not think it will let Iran have nuclear power but I hope Iran resists the pressure, as the next victim will be Egypt, not against Syria, like what many people expect.Shayma, student

Iran is a big country and we should not underestimate its abilities. I think it is brave enough to reveal its targets from the nuclear technology. It said it needed such technology for peaceful reasons, so there is no problem in it. Yasser, accountant

There must be peace in the region and this will not happen without equality. There must be another pole for the nuclear technology in the Middle East. I remember that Iraq also had a nuclear project but the Israeli air force attacked it and the world kept its mouth shut. I think Iran is different from Iraq. Ivon, civil servant

There are many scenarios for attacking Iran but none of which are suitable for the U.S., because the price of oil will jump to more than $100 a barrel, which is devastating for the U.S. economy. What is really strange is the Arab attitude toward Iran, which is definitely not supportive, although this is the only chance to make a Middle Eastern country own such technology other than Israel.Haytham, marketing agent

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